Microsoft has now released the latest build of Windows 10 to its Insiders in the Fast Ring, labeled as Build 17074. One of the most significant additions is a feature called Quiet Hours, which is pretty much the same as the Do Not Disturb functionality on Macs.

Microsoft says Quiet Hours is for users who don't wish to be interrupted or just need to get focused on whatever they're doing. The feature intends to help boost users' productivity by blocking notifications from view.

Quiet Hours On Windows 10

Quiet Hours works is applicable in a handful of scenarios. If, for instance, a user is in the middle of a presentation — i.e., their display is being duplicated — the feature automatically turns on, blocking any unwanted or unexpected notifications from appearing.

It will also turn off when the user is playing an exclusive DirectX game in full screen mode. Alternatively, users can set their preferred schedule for Quiet Hours to trigger on and off. If there are certain people that a user needs to hear from at any moment's notice — like family, for example — they can be pinned to the taskbar and added to the priority list. People in this category will always break through Quiet Hours, keep in mind. Make sure to include only the most important individuals whose notifications are too crucial to miss.

Windows 10 Build 17074: Other Features Included

Along with Quiet Hours, there are also quite a few useful improvements Microsoft added in the latest build, and many of them seem to focus on the reading experience within Windows 10. Brand-new grammar tools for EPUB books and Reading View on website have been added. Microsoft Edge has gained an improved new look for reading across EPUBs, PDFs, and other documents, in addition to syncing reading progress and notes across different devices.

The latest build also adds an option for users who don't ever want to save passwords for a domain, a feature that's apparently highly requested among Windows 10 Insiders. The folder icons for Documents and Pictures have now been added to the Start menu, but users can customize it and feature whatever folders they use most often.

Make sure to read Microsoft's blog post to check out everything that's been added to Windows 10 Build 17074. The update is now available to download. To be the first to get updates for Windows 10, sign up for Microsoft's Insider Program.

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