Destiny 2 continues to see its player base dwindle since issues came up last year, before and after the Curse of Osiris DLC expansion update.

Bungie reportedly scrambled to make some changes as soon as possible to stop its players from abandoning the game. What came next was an issue with the reward system, which was highlighted during the sequel's holiday event "The Dawning."

Analysts noted that if nothing was done to correct these problems, the game will lose its core players. Thus, the developer shared its latest plans to change the game for the better. The list includes new Raid perks, Masterwork Armor, Iron Banner rewards, and more.

Armor Perks

One of the previous updates received by the game introduced the Masterwork system for weapons. The dev team presumably wanted to please the fans but at the same time, meet them halfway.

According to feedback from veteran players from the original game, they wanted Bungie to bring back random rolls stats for gear. With the Random Number Generated or RNG in place, gamers can hope for a chance at what Guardian's call a "God Roll" for gear. However, in the sequel, loot can randomly drop Masterwork version weapons, which are legendary firearms with additional perks.

Now, along with update version 1.1.2, players will start to receive random drops for Masterwork versions of armor. Each piece of armor can be modified to feature different stats like Restorative, Heavy, and Light with corresponding stat boosts.

Raid Rewards And Perks

Bungie promised Destiny 2 players significant changes to the endgame PVE. The developers are aware that the current Raid rewards, even on Prestige mode, are somewhat lacking based on player feedback.

In patch version1.1.2, players can earn special mods, which can be attached to armor. It also gives Guardian's unique perks that are activated during a Raid aboard the Leviathan.

"The goal for these perks was to elevate the power of Guardians in the Raid, and we aimed to build things that were useful in every encounter," said Daniel Auchenpaugh, a senior designer.

For a price of one Calus token, players can switch the mods around until their decided configuration is achieved. Moreover, Prestige Raid completion now gives players both Prestige and normal drops and can expect to receive Raid gear during encounters, and Benedict 99-40. The Raid vendor will also sell gear to Guardians who have completed the weekly requirement.

Saladin Returns

Another set of changes will likewise aim to improve the Iron Banner event where players can expect new firearms, a new Ghost shell, sparrow, and ship. Those who missed out on the older gear can play and earn engrams for a chance to decrypt into those items.

Additionally, Lord Saladin will permit players to purchase armor and weapons exclusive to the monthly PVP event. Bungie confirmed that there will be no hidden cap for engrams and tokens for the duration of Iron Banner, an issue that previously disappointed a lot of players.

The next Destiny 2 update will arrive on Jan. 30 while another rumored patch could arrive sometime in February.

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