Bungie released a new hotfix for Destiny 2 yesterday, which made the Faction Rally available for all players. In the first since November, players were hoping to obtain new weapons for the second season of the event. However, things aren't going as planned.

Players are reporting that none of the new weapons that Bungie advertised for the event are being dropped. What's worse is that some players are experiencing throttling of the event's currency, faction tokens.

Faction Rally Returns

Players are finding that the new weapons that were being advertised as part of the event are nowhere to be found. The weapons are not dropping and not available from the faction vendors in the game. Newly added gear was stated by Bungie to require Curse of Osiris, so while players could still take part, they would not get the new gear.

Some players are facing issues with obtaining tokens for completing Public Events, while others maintain that they're not having problems with the token system. There are others experiencing a cooldown period while farming tokens from Lost Sectors. Community manager Cozmo told users that Bungie is aware of the issue.

"Looking into this now. I'm seeing others in the thread who are stating the Public Events are not affected by the throttle," said Cozmo responding to those who brought up the issue. "Let me know if anyone else is hitting a throttle on Public Events."

This is the first time since the release of the first Destiny 2 expansion Curse of Osiris. Bungie tried to lock players out of activities such as Faction Rally and Iron Banner if they failed to buy the DLC. It faced a storm of criticism for locking players from such events.

Bungie's reasoning was to lock players who had not bought the expansion from receiving the new weapons being introduced. This backfired on the developer immediately and was forced to abandon the idea. It even had to go as far as postponing the event that was originally supposed to occur last month.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

This is the first event since the disastrous Dawning event that made the game's playerbase revolt against the Eververse microtransactions. Bungie released a new blog outlining the changes that would be coming to the game in the future. One of the changes was to make the Faction Rally available to all players, not only those who purchased the expansion.

Another misstep doesn't serve Bungie, who have already lost the goodwill built up during the last days of the original Destiny. Players will only tolerate so many missteps before abandoning the game completely.

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