Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing Is Now A Thing


Boys will never know the pure joy of waking up on Christmas to find Santa left that pink Barbie jeep under the tree just for you. But now they can experience the joy of riding in one. Grown men are now riding Barbie Jeeps in the latest extreme sport trend.

Called "Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing," this perfect redneck sport has been exploding over the past year. While this type of racing hasn't made it to the X-Games, it has been featured on ESPN and other real sport outlets.

As its name suggests, this is how the sport is played: Grown men dressed in camouflage get  in the car toys that are really made for tikes. They then race each other downhill in rough terrains that could cause them to loose control and tumble off the cars. The men have to steer as their legs dangle off to the sides, it's quite a sport to see.

Held on Alabama's Morris Mountain, the hilarious annual event is held by the motorsports production company Busted Knuckle Films. Two drivers compete in each race, the winner moving on to the next round. After the two best racers go head-to-head, the lucky winner takes home a grand prize that may include  "$12, some RBD stickers, and a Burger King Gift Card," which was the prize from the first official Extreme Barbie Jeep Race held in 2010. (Yes, this has been happening since 2010!)

Because the toys are made for children and are made out of plastic, it's common for a steering wheel to fly off, so be prepared to see "some nasty crashes and pile[s] of destroyed vehicles."

Check out Matt Myrick, the 2014 crowned Barbie Jeep Racer Champ, and the others in the video below.

[Photo Credit: Barbie Jeep Racing/Facebook]

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