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Airbnb CEO Promises To Battle Racial Discrimination, Unconscious Bias

At its OpenAir conference on Wednesday, Airbnb continued the conversation about racial discrimination and unconscious bias. How is the company addressing such platform issues?

Life & Style June 9, 2016

Snapchat Slammed For Filters That Are Whitewashing Users' Faces

Snapchat is receiving backlash for its popular Coachella-inspired filter and others that appear to whitewash users' faces.

Life & Style May 17, 2016

Number Of People Who Identify As 'Global Citizens' Rises: BBC Poll

It looks like more people identify more as citizens of the world than their respective countries, a survey said. Respondents were also more open to interracial marriages and support for refugees.

Life & Style May 3, 2016

Your Heart May Be Older Than The Rest Of Your Body: CDC

A new study by the CDC has found that the heart age of U.S. adults may be older than their actual chronological age. The agency thinks that through a new method of determining cardiovascular risk, people may be more motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle and exert efforts to strengthen heart health.

Life September 2, 2015

Experts Say Sleep Can Help You Unlearn Gender And Racial Biases: Some People Might Need To Sleep All Day

Racial and gender biases are implicit information in the brains of humans. Experts say that these prejudices may be reduced by sleeping.

Life June 2, 2015

Starbucks #RaceTogether Campaign Draws Venti Size Twitter Response

Starbucks launched a new campaign #RaceTogether to encourage discussion about racism both in stores and on social media.

Internet Culture March 17, 2015

Tesla Model S P85D Makes Dodge Challenge Hellcat Eat Dust in a Drag Race [Video]

Luxury car vs. Muscle car. Which will win the race? The answer may surprise you.

Geek January 23, 2015

Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing Is Now A Thing

Since 2010, grown men have been getting on children's Barbie Jeeps and racing downhill in a hilarious sport that is gaining popularity.

Internet Culture December 11, 2014

#CrimingWhileWhite Sheds Light On Racial Double Standard Following Eric Garner Decision

A Staten Island grand jury decided not to indict police officer Daniel Pantaleo for the death of an unarmed African American, which sparked more protests regarding race and police.

Internet Culture December 4, 2014

Do political beliefs divide the U.S. more than race?

Although racial biases are strong in the United States, a new study from Stanford University finds that the biases between political parties, Democrats and Republicans, are even stronger.

Internet Culture October 12, 2014

Study shows that the average white American has only one black friend

According to data from Robert P. Jones of the Public Religion Institute, the average white American has only one black friend.

Internet Culture August 27, 2014

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