Amazon Pulls Hair Dryer After It's Discovered To Shoot Fire


A woman from South Carolina complains about the hair dryer she recently bought from Amazon. She says it was shooting out smoke and fire.

Where There Is Smoke, There's Fire

Erika Augthun Shoolbred shared two videos on her Facebook page, showing how dangerous the hair dryer was to handle. In her post, Shoolbred complained that the company still hasn't responded to her complaint about the possibly defective appliance.

"Talk about a bad hair day! My new hair dryer (more like hair fryer) from OraCorp on became a blow torch on its first use this morning," said Shoolbred in her post. "A small burn on my hand and an enormous smell to my master bath - the company has yet to respond to my complaint."

Amazon Pulls Hair Dryer From Its Website

Shoolbred said that Amazon gave her a refund for the product, then referred her to OraCorp. She sent a complaint to OraCorp but the company still hasn't responded to her.

"The drier was marketed as salon grade - the product has now been removed from Amazon's site. It is made in China - and was represented much like a JINRI drier," said Shoolbred on Facebook. "The box however says Paradise Twinklers. No paradise found here. I'm just glad it wasn't more horrific!"

Amazon removed the "Salon Grade Hair Dryer" by OraCorp, however, there are still products offered by the said company available on the website.

User Suffers Minor Burns

In the video, Shoolbred can be heard in disbelief as the hair dryer starts blowing smoke, and fire on its first use.

"Oh my gosh! I cannot freaking believe this. A fire is coming out of the hair dryer," said Shoolbred about the faulty product.

Shoolbred reported that other than her minor burns, the hair dryer also caused a bad smell to appear in the bathroom. Many of her friends joked about the video, even though she almost burned her face and hair while using the hair dryer.

Answering more of the Facebook posts, Shoolbred says this experience will now be her recurring nightmare. Another friend also made light of the situation, comparing the hair dryer to the flamethrower that Elon Musk was selling.

A Possible Lawsuit Vs. OraCorp

As it appears, third-party retailers on Amazon can be difficult to deal with. Amazon just issued a refund and told her to contact the company herself. As of publication, OraCorp has not released any statement regarding the fire, and Shoolbred hasn't posted anything since the dangerous videos.

Another of her friends alluded that one the possible outcomes from the incident shown in these videos may be a lawsuit against OraCorp.

Amazon has then clarified its third-party seller return policy. Instead of waiting for the third-party seller to get in contact with the customer, Amazon would let the customer print a return label and get it authorized.

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