Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt has alternative beliefs on climate change. Pruitt doesn't believe that the Earth is going through climate change, now he's claiming that climate change may be beneficial to human.

The EPA chief is going against all of the scientific data that suggests that climate change is harmful to humanity.

Climate Denier

Scott Pruitt was interviewed by KSNV in Las Vegas, he acknowledged passingly that climate change is real but argues that it's not as bad as people are trying to make it seem. Pruitt argued against scientific data that researchers have produced.

"I think there are assumptions made that because the climate is warming, that necessarily is a bad thing," said Pruitt.

Scientists say that changes to temperatures all over the world have an adverse effect on the wildlife and plant life. Coral in the Great Barrier Reef is dying, there is a rise in sea level due to the melting happening in the poles, and the weather is becoming extreme.

Scott Pruitt was appointed by President Donald Trump, he's been known to deny climate change. In this interview, he acknowledged that global temperatures are rising but remain skeptical as to whether or not this was caused by humans.

"Is it an existential threat, is it something that is unsustainable, or what kind of effect or harm is this going to have?" said Pruitt in the interview. "We know that humans have most flourished during times of, what, warming trends? There are assumptions made that because the climate is warming that necessarily is a bad thing."

Pruitt added that there are assumptions being made that this rise in temperatures is a bad thing. He questions findings by scientists claiming that we still don't know what the ideal temperature would be in 2100.

Agencies such as NASA are in agreement with scientists, who say that climate change is being caused by humans.

During his time at the EPA Pruitt has been a controversial figure. As a known climate change denier Pruitt has been rolling back Obama-era climate rules for companies such as the Clean Power Plan. Pruitt has also promised to hold a debate among scientists at the EPA to review the science of climate change. He has also done things like cite the Bible when announcing changes to the way that the EPA is staffed. With turmoil in the Trump administration, he's also wanted to move up by taking the Attorney General role away from Jeff Sessions. 

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