Rocket League, a simple yet unique sports game that was released in 2015, continues to entertain gamers with its availability on almost current-generation platforms.

The Nintendo Switch is the latest gaming system in which the title was launched, but Psyonix does not want it to end there. The developer surprisingly partnered with Mattel to come up with the real world version of the popular game called Hot Wheels Rocket League Rivals RC set.

Making It A Reality

Prior to the physical version of the remote-controlled sports game, the toy maker licensed some of its iconic vehicles to appear in the game. It looks like their roles have been reversed this time around, as Hot Wheels takes what was featured in the title and reconstructs it into reality.

The Hot Wheels Rocket League Rivals RC set comes with two Bluetooth-ready vehicles, namely the Octane, and Dominus, both of which appeared in the game. The entire setup includes a replica stadium with infrared sensors and LCD scoreboards, which detect the game ball's infrared signal to detect a goal and update the score.

It is currently unknown, however, if Hot Wheels will have other vehicle models available in the future.

For The Sake Of Portability

Consumers who plan to purchase the Hot Wheels Rocket League Rivals RC set might be surprised to find out that it does not ship with remotes. Instead, each of the two vehicles can be controlled via Bluetooth through a compatible Android or iOS device.

Users know that it might be difficult to accurately control the vehicles via the touchscreen, but the manufacturer presumably planned to have two fewer items in the package for portability. According to sources, the miniature arena can be quickly folded for transport, so users can bring the real-life action anywhere.

Surprises In Store

The product announcement for the Hot Wheels Rocket League Rivals RC indicates its availability this fall at a retail price of $179.99. Moreover, the toy set will reportedly include DLC content for the video game.

"We're thrilled to further our partnership with Hot Wheels and bring Rocket League to life with this upcoming toy set," stated Jeremy Dunham, vice president of publishing for Psyonix. "But that's just the beginning of what we have planned. You can expect to see some really, really cool things come out of our new Hot Wheels alliance."

It remains to be seen what exactly Dunham meant when it comes to future products related to their smash hit. It could be more remote-controlled models or an in-game content.

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