Sony Teases Next Xperia Phone It's Going To Unveil At MWC 2018


Will Sony introduce its upcoming Xperia flagship phone via the MWC 2018 on Feb. 26? That appears to be what the company just teased about on Twitter.

The tweet from Sony was accompanied by a puzzling 23-second video clip with the invite line, "Join us." It was clear, though, that the company points to the direction of the MWC trade show in Barcelona, Spain, where the event will kick off Monday next week.

It was a giveaway, likewise, that the announcement turned up on the Sony Xperia Twitter page, strongly suggesting that whatever the Japanese company plans to present on Feb. 26, it has to do with an Xperia handset. However, everything on Sony's Xperia 2018 release plans remains wrapped in mystery at the moment, and the latest hints on the matter only highlighted the prevailing state.

Notwithstanding, the clues that Sony has allowed to leak out so far served to jumpstart the speculations on what the next flagship package, which is rumored to take the name Xperia XZ Pro, will deliver once it slides out of the box.

Making Sense Of The Twitter Hints

If indeed the new Xperia will include major revisions, one area that has been the subject of intense discussions among fans is the industrial design. Sony's short video prominently showed waves bouncing off a palm, and almost immediately, the symbolism attracted wild interpretations.

The guesses range from a new haptic technology to the latest audio features that the 2018 Xperia flagship would unpack with. However, many would want to believe that Sony is working on something bigger and more exciting. It is hoped that the next Xperia bet from the company will have a design overhaul as evidenced by the appearance of the waves, which seems to suggest of a fresh curvy look.

If true, the change is welcome considering that most, if not all, Android flagships make use of the rounded device design language. Sony departing from its angular or blocked construct will certainly excite a segment of the Android crowd still convinced the brand can compete in equal terms with the likes of Samsung and emerging Chinese device makers.

Realistic Expectations

There appears, however, to be no solid assurances that the next Xperia flagship will undergo a radical transformation in terms of structure, design, and general look. If the planned intro will indeed happen via the MWC 2018, then time is not in favor for a design overhaul. At best, the XZ Pro will impress with a dual-camera setup and a 5.7-inch OLED display with an 18:9 aspect ratio and trimmed down bezels but short of the rumored fresh look, preferably the curved build.

Likely to complete the Xperia XZ Pro specs and features is the Snapdragon 845 SoC that will be supported by 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal storage, and IP68 certification that assures of resistance to water and dust.

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