Richard Sherman was an early adopter of Bitcoin, accepting it on his website in 2012 and 2013. These were years before Bitcoin hit $20,000 and became unstoppable.

Unfortunately, he cashed out before he could make money on the cryptocurrency.

More Money, More Problems?

In an interview with TMZ, NFL player Richard Sherman talked about his previous foray into the cryptocurrency game. He started by saying how he began accepting Bitcoin on his website as a form of payment. This was back when Bitcoin hadn't exploded but was becoming popular.

"We accepted some of the crypto. We accepted Bitcoin on my website, that we sell clothes and other things," said Richard Sherman during the interview. "We unfortunately converted a lot of it back to USD but that was when I was first introduced to it. That was probably 5-6 years ago."

When asked if he has checked how much the Bitcoin he traded in for cash would be worth today, he said he'd rather not think about it.

"No I don't even play those kinds of games, I didn't even think about it," said Sherman when asked about the value of his Bitcoin. "Right, unnecessarily, it's done now."

Sherman also talked about Bitcoin now being more accepted by the mainstream and large companies. He said that even though some had used it for criminal purposes, it shouldn't stop people from using it in many ways in the future.

"Yeah I think it'll be used for everything. I think it's gotten an unnecessarily bad rap for the ways some people have used it," said Sherman. "But I mean I think people have used cash for illegal things before and people haven't frowned at cash yet."

Sherman believes the cryptocurrency is the way of the future, with people normally using it in their everyday lives and not giving it as much thought as they still do now. 

"I think that the more comfortable people are with it, the more comfortable companies are with it, the more it will be used for things other than just being traded on these platforms that people use to purchase everyday things: groceries, clothes, cars, houses, things like that."

Curious Grandma Gets Discouraged

In another interview at the end of January, he said his grandma was asking him about Bitcoin when the cryptocurrency was worth $19,000. He laughed because she didn't even own a computer but still wanted to get in on the crypto-craze. 

In the end, the NFL star discouraged her from buying Bitcoin. He told her that Bitcoin is just a fad. According to him, she began to lose interest in investing in Bitcoin when she learned that she would have to buy a computer and go on websites in order to buy it.

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