Not to be outdone by the competition, Microsoft introduces a new Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE, which is now available for preorder for all consumers.

According to tech industry experts, the LTE model of the popular 2-in-1 device was only made available for business customers last year. However, the entry of competing devices with Qualcomm's ARM-based processors was recently marketed with the advantage of LTE connectivity. Most notebooks are primarily dependent on Wi-Fi connections only, which requires users to often make use of their mobile phones as a wireless hotspot or look for establishments with Wi-Fi services.

Initial Availability

When the LTE version came out last year, regular consumers were unable to purchase the model through regular channels. The Microsoft Store did not offer the product outright, and most retailers both online and physical were unable to sell the items.

Meanwhile, business customers were reportedly able to place their orders via third-party seller licensed by Microsoft. Regular consumers were intentionally left out until now, wherein anyone can place an order for the LTE-ready variant.

Available Configurations And Hardware Details

Last year, Microsoft's business customers were able to choose from two variants of the Surface Pro with LTE. An Intel Core i5 unit with 128 GB internal storage for $1,149 and a model with the same processor with a larger 256 GB storage capacity with a $1,449 retail price were offered. RAM sizes for each of the available versions were 4 GB and 8 GB, respectively. Reports confirmed that the company will only offer the premium model with higher specifications this time around.

The LTE models feature the exact premium design of the Surface Pro albeit for a SIM tray located beside the microSD slot just below the kickstand. A visible plastic strip is integrated into the frame for its LTE antennas. Additionally, A Qualcomm X16 LTE modem provides LTE Advanced connectivity.

It seems unlikely that an Intel Core i7 SKU will ever become available in the future. The higher-tier chipset is paired with a fan on the regular non-LTE model, which occupies the space used for the LTE modem, yet it really depends if the manufacturer will revisit the internal design to accommodate the components needed in the future.

Estimated Arrival

For those who already placed their preorders for the Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE, the items are expected to arrive by May 1. Buyers should be aware that the package does not include the Surface Pen and Surface Type Cover accessories, which are sold separately.

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