A leaked build of Windows 10 reveals an Xbox app and shows off more of Cortana, as Microsoft prepares to show the consumer side of its latest operating system in the new year.

Windows 10 build 9901 has been making its rounds on the Internet, bringing with it a host of minor improvements and a few significant upgrades over preview versions that have previously leaked. The leaked build further evidences Microsoft's efforts to bring back familiar elements of the Windows OS, most notably the Start menu and apps that can float in windows.

In its early stages, the desktop version of Cortana appears in the latest build of Windows 10 -- Build 9901 backs up video WinBeta posted of its time with the desktop version of Cortana. The digital assistant's user interface appears to have been given a bit of attention, though its functions are still limited by the absence of a database connection.

Along with Cortana, Microsoft appears to be readying an Xbox app for Windows 10. While there hasn't been any recent news about DirectX 12, the Xbox app could disappoint core PC gamers if the console companion app is a major component of Microsoft's efforts to support gaming on Windows.

The Xbox app looks similar to the Xbox One's SmartGlass app and offers a "gateway" into the console's ecosystem of achievements, friends lists and activity feeds. Xbox Chief Phil Spencer recently said that it is time to rekindle the conversation about gaming on Windows, but, unless there's more, the Xbox app in Build 9901 doesn't contribute to that discussion.

"I'll be focusing more on what we are doing on Win10 in January, it's time for us to talk about gaming on Windows," Spencer recently stated.

Though Xbox One games like Ryse have made their way over to the PC, it may be too outlandish a wish to hope for Microsoft to compromise its console by allowing hardcore PC gamers to emulate or stream its exclusive titles -- that's not to say Games with Gold support on PCs, without Xbox Ones, wouldn't be well-received.

Microsoft has set a date for Jan. 21, inviting select members of the media to join in a press conference in which the tech company will show off more Windows 10 content. With the enterprise reveal already behind, Microsoft is widely expected to show off what Windows 10 offers consumers.

Microsoft has reserved a booth at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which runs from Jan. 6 to Jan. 9, but its conference its back home in Redmond is where it is expected offer an in-depth look at the incoming Windows 10.

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