After close to a year on beta, Google officially launched YouTube Studio. Creators gain access to an improved interface for insights, new metrics, and others.

Content creators who prefer to stick with the older interface can rest assured that it is not a forced upgrade. Over the course of the roll-out period, the company claims that select users will be immediately migrated to the new interface. Once completed, anyone who wishes to stay with former version can select Creator Studio Classic from the menu.

Alongside the updated tools will be three new metrics such as Impressions, Impressions Click-through Rate, and Unique Viewers. These can be accessed under the Analytics section of the account.


After the YouTube Studio migration, creators will see the first new metric called Impressions. Google describes the new element as a counter for when a creator's video thumbnail is seen by viewers. These numbers are taken into consideration as a potential view if ever the clip opened by a visitor.

An in-depth description of what is counted includes instances wherein the content appears in search results, "Up Next" recommendations usually found on the right side of the video player (autoplay included), YouTube homepage, videos included in playlists, and YouTube feeds (history, watch later, trending, and subscriptions).

Unique Viewers

The next one users will find on YouTube Studio is the Unique Viewers data. This is included with the other two under the Analytics tab. This metric counts the different visitors who accessed the creator's video within a certain period of time.

It does not matter if the visitor accesses the user's video on different devices such as a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer. They will be counted as one unique viewer based on the platform's proprietary algorithm.

Content creators can compare the numbers against the number of subscribers to determine what type of videos generates more viewers.

Impressions Click-Through Rate (CTR)

The final new metric is easier to understand as it counts the percentage of Impressions that generated views. YouTube experts suggest that video titles and thumbnails can help attract viewers to click and watch the creator's clip.

A help article posted on YouTube Studio advises content creators to avoid the use of clickbait titles. Since visitors who click on a video and find it relevant to the advertised title tend to watch longer. Furthermore, it usually ends up recommended by the platform. Clickbait content often has lower view durations but high CTR.

A Single Hub For Everything

Everything a content creator needs gets simplified with the YouTube Studio update. The new dashboard becomes a "one-stop shop" for everything the user needs.

Highlights include Video Snapshot, News, and Personalized Recommendations, which are intended to quickly provide relevant data intended to help make the channel successful in the future.

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