Users that prefer to couch surf instead of travel will be glad to know that Google Maps Street View now includes 11 Disney parks.

A family trip to one of several park locations can be stressful for families. Due to the popularity of recreational venues, it is common for people to encounter traffic jams, parking spot problems, long lines, and not to mention the exposure to unbearable temperatures.

The new feature, however, now allows people to take virtual tours, which apparently come with a hidden perk.

Planning Ahead

Going on a virtual trip behind the camera is a great to way to avoid hassles of an actual sojourn to one of the parks. However, viewers are limited to the viewpoint of the camera used its viewable angles, which are sometimes restricted.

Meanwhile, some users believe that it is quite useful for people who love to plan ahead for their trips. Families can all view the different parks and decide which one to visit during a future planned excursion. This gives users a chance to explore the different rides and activities available in a particular

Encouraging Tourism, Privacy Concerns, And Current Limitations

Google Maps Street View is currently limited to Disney parks across the United States only. The company has yet to confirm if other branches worldwide will eventually be included in the roster for virtual tours.

The viewable points include Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, California Adventures, Epcot, Epcot Morrocco, Pandora The World of Avatar, Mickey and Minnie's Houses, Disney Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Disney Springs.

Due to issues with privacy, Google's feature encountered opposition from several groups in the past. Nonetheless, it seems that the aforementioned issue is only experienced by the service locally.

Sources confirmed that other places like Asia, governments, and tourism authorities collaborate with the search company to feature local attractions and places of interest. The decision is supposedly proven to be effective as visitors can plan out their itineraries ahead of time before their actual trip.

Travel Plans While On The Move

It appears that Google Maps Street View finally got a big upgrade with the inclusion of Disney Parks to its list. Moreover, it appears that the search firm intends to offer more features to make it an indispensable travel companion.

A recent update made to its Android operating system platform makes it more accessible for travelers to book their hotels and flights. The search results window on smartphones has been upgraded to feature all the relevant information the user needs to complete their travel plans, unlike before in which users need to access everything via a computer to organize everything.

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