The YouTube app for iOS is getting a dark mode, the official Twitter account of YouTube has confirmed. The theme, which features YouTube clad in black with grey accents, was first introduced for its desktop site in 2017.

With dark mode enabled, YouTube for iOS gains a bit of visual flare, with the overall design much sleeker and easier on the eyes, especially for those who like to watch in the dark. It's also a nice breath of fresh air, especially since YouTube has always adapted a white theme ever since it launched for mobile platforms.

Why Dark Mode Is Great

Dark mode might also make some users focus more on the content, not the controls, making the overall aesthetics of the app look much less cluttered. Some tests also claim that a dark mode saves more battery, which is especially useful for an app like YouTube, being that it's used over an hour per day, according to the company.

YouTube says a dark mode will reduce the level of glare and enable users to see the true colors of the videos they watch when using the mobile app. With the update, YouTube for iOS takes a step toward mirroring its desktop counterpart, which was updated in May with Google's prevalent Material Design language. Upon introduction of a dark mode for the site, many users later requested for a similar option to be added for the mobile apps.

YouTube appeared to be experimenting with dark mode for YouTube mobile when several users discovered the feature in testing this past January. At the time, the company chose not to confirm whether a dark mode was indeed coming to mobile devices, but the notion looked plausible.

YouTube is not the only app to feature a dark mode, however. It joins a somewhat short list of apps that enable this option, among them being Twitter, Reddit, Telegram X, and a bunch of others. Perhaps dark mode should just be an option on all apps. It's not a big deal, really, but it's just a nice option to have.

How To Turn On Dark Mode On YouTube For iOS

To enable dark mode on YouTube for iOS, head over to the account page and then click Settings. Find the "Dark Theme" toggle and turn it on, and the app instantly changes color. The option is available now and will roll out to Android users "soon."

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