Google delivers a new update for its Files Go app, which additionally streamlines some processes and includes new features that will make it more convenient to use.

Experts agree that the company started to revisit some of its older apps and tweaked its functions to make it appealing to users. Google's efforts seem to be dedicated particularly to the Go ecosystem designed to run on smoothly on entry-level to mid-range Android handset models.

Usually, these models are equipped with mid-range to low-end processors and smaller RAM sizes but are capable enough for basic multitasking. In other words, they are budget-friendly devices with limited resources.

Modest Requirements

Sources confirmed that the aforementioned app is designated as the default file manager program for smartphones on Android Oreo Go. Unlike the regular version that demands more capable hardware in order to run smoothly, the former can supposedly function on devices with humble hardware with RAM size as low as 512 MB.

Moreover, some users prefer to use it in lieu of default file management application pre-installed on their devices.

Getting More Functionality

The latest Files Go update introduces new options such as file search, show the location of duplicates, and remove backup of photos and videos.

Google earlier confirmed on its official blog that it reviewed three months' worth of user feedback to come up with the new features. The new additions were apparently requested by users but it really depends on how the majority feel about their usefulness.

With the file search function, the developers integrated the same experience as the regular online search bar. Search history, filters, auto-complete, and instant results are all included. The developers flaunt its speed and reliability even offline.

One of the noticeable functions offered by the app is to help users free up space on their smartphones. Previously, the feature that locates duplicates and prompts users to delete it to save storage space did not indicate the location of the copy.

Now, users can allegedly long press on the thumbnail and access an option to reveal its location in the smartphone's file system.

Furthermore, the update likewise integrates functionality with Google Photos. The system will automatically prompt users once all videos or photos taken are backed up, followed by a suggestion to delete the files to generate more storage space.

Expecting More Late On

Google's Android ecosystem continuously gets better every time and Files Go is one of those great examples. Sadly, even until now, the developers still find it difficult to deliver timely operating system updates to Android devices other than its Pixel lineup.

Third-party smartphone makers still lag behind due to tweaks and modifications being used to make its products stand out.

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