New York Excelsior Redeems Itself, Wins Overwatch League Stage 2 Title


The New York Excelsior, the runner-up in Stage 1 of the inaugural season of the Overwatch League, has redeemed itself by winning Stage 2.

The Overwatch League will now be heading into Stage 3, with the records of each team now becoming more important as the first ever Overwatch League playoffs draw closer.

New York Excelsior Wins Overwatch League Stage 2

The New York Excelsior was crowned with the Stage 2 title after an exciting match against the Philadelphia Fusion that ended at 3-2.

The Philadelphia Fusion, who spoiled a rematch between the Stage 1 finalists by stunning the Stage 1 winners, the London Spitfire, in the semifinals, looked like it was on its way to taking Stage 2. After matches on Route 66 and Lijiang Tower, the Philadelphia Fusion was up 2-0 against the New York Excelsior.

However, the New York Excelsior, the team that has remained on top of the standings for so long, was not going down without a fight. The team battled back, winning the games on Volskaya Industries, Hollywood, and Watchpoint: Gibraltar to end the match on a reverse sweep.

It can be remembered that the New York Excelsior was up 2-0 in the Stage 1 finals, but the London Spitfire engineered a reverse sweep to take the title. The New York Excelsior has now done the same thing to win Stage 2.

The New York Excelsior has won $100,000 for their Stage 2 win, but perhaps more importantly, the team has shaken off the stigma of losing Stage 1 when it had the title in its grasp. The New York Excelsior is now looking more like the team to beat in the Overwatch League, as it heads into Stage 3.

Overwatch League Suspensions

Stage 2 of the Overwatch League ends on a high note with New York Excelsior's redemption, but it was marred with controversy along the way.

The most prominent issue with the Overwatch League was the toxic behavior of some players, most especially Felix "xQc" Lengyel of the Dallas Fuel. Lengyel, who received a suspension in Stage 1, was once again suspended in Stage 2, prompting the Dallas Fuel and the tank player to part ways.

New 'Overwatch' Hero: Brigitte Joins The Roster

The development team recently added Brigitte, a support hero with a combination of defense and healing skills, to the Overwatch roster.

Brigitte's abilities to protect and heal her allies, as well as her skill that can stun enemies make her a very dependable teammate. It remains to be seen, however, whether she will make an impact in Stage 3 of the Overwatch League.

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