Many modern day humans are switching to Paleolithic diet, or more popularly called the paleo diet, to keep them fit. However, a new research suggests that our ancestors of the Paleolithic age were not really concerned of what they were eating.

Paleo diet is supposed to consist more of fish, meat and plants. Our ancestors from the Paleolithic age did not farm so grains are excluded from the paleo diet.

Researchers at the Kent State University and Georgia State University suggest that early primates from the Paleolithic Age did not have any specialized diet.

"Based on evidence that's been gathered over many decades, there's very little evidence that any early hominids had very specialized diets or there were specific food categories that seemed particularly important, with only a few possible exceptions," says Dr. Ken Sayers, a postdoctoral researcher at the Language Research Center of Georgia State.

The study involved examining paleoenvironmental, chemical and anatomical evidence from the period. The research suggests that our ancestors from the Paleolithic age were not good hunters and had flat teeth, which would have made it difficult for them to chew plants.

Experts suggest that early hominids did not live in one particular region of the Earth. They lived in different environments and fed upon the available food in that region. The study gives an example that hunter-gatherers found in a northern climate may have consumed animal-based diet, but hunter-gatherers who lived near the equator may have largely fed upon plant-based resources.

Early humans did not have a long life span and many of them may have lived only till 30's when compared to modern day humans. They did not have any concerns regarding the health effects of food they were consuming on a regular basis.

The study highlighted that the main focus of the early hominids was survival and not balanced diet. Very few of the early hominids consumed a so-called "optimal diet." Our early ancestors consumed just enough food to survive and reproduce.

Some experts suggest that the paleo diet is just a mimic. Even though paleo diet is more inclined towards the consumption of meat and fish, some supporters suggest that it is mainly referring to eating of simple by avoiding processed food, which can cause medical conditions.

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