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Giant Wooden Sculpture Unearthed In 1894 Found To Be Over 11,000 Years Old

Researchers have dated the Shigir Idol at over 11,000 years old despite previous controversy regarding its age. Does this mean that hunter-gatherers were quite the artists?

Ancient April 27, 2018

Mice Infested Hunter-Gatherer Settlements Before Dawn Of Agriculture, Ancient Teeth Suggest

Mice have been living alongside hunter-gatherers 3,000 years before humans learned how to farm. What attracted the rodents to go to human settlements?

Animals March 28, 2017

Ancient Farmers From Northern Greece And Western Turkey Brought Agriculture To Europe

How did agriculture spread to Europe, which was once dominated by hunter-gatherers? DNA analysis revealed that farming was brought by migrant farmers from northern Greece and western Turkey.

Ancient June 8, 2016

This Is How Hunter-Gatherers Preserve Their Food Sources

Hunter-gatherers in Sanak Island, Alaska are resourceful experts in hunting for food. This may seem threatening to the ecosystem, but a new study revealed that their gathering behaviors have a certain twist.

Animals February 19, 2016

Stone Age Massacre In Kenya Earliest Evidence Of Warfare: Prehistoric Mass Murder Shows Attack Common Among Hunter Gatherers

Raiders attacked and killed a group of Stone Age hunter gatherers 10,000 years ago. The remains of the victims provided hint of the brutality of the massacre.

Animals January 21, 2016

13,800-Year-Old Engraving In Stone Slab Depicts Prehistoric Campsites

The analysis of a schist slab originally discovered in 2013 in Spain revealed the first illustration of how hunter-gatherers lived in a campsite. The Paleolithic carvings depict hut-like structures which could have housed four to five people each.

Animals December 6, 2015

New Genetic Study Traces 'Fourth Strand' Of European Ancestry: Here Are The Other Three Accepted Ancestral Groups

Scientists from the University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin and Cambridge University found genetic evidence that can help reveal the secret to the ancestry of early Europeans. This "fourth strand" was uncovered after sequencing the genome of 13,000-year-old human remains.

November 18, 2015

DNA Reveals 'Fourth Strand' Of European Ancestry In Ancient Tribe, Researchers Say

Genetic study shows ancient populations of hunter-gatherers sheltering in the Caucasus Mountains during the ice age contributed to a significant portion of the genome of modern Europeans. The discovery rounds out our knowledge of European ancestry, researchers say.

November 16, 2015

Sleeping Habits Of Hunter-Gatherers Suggest We Do Not Need 8 Hours Of Sleep

Geographically isolated hunter-gatherers do not sleep longer than modern-day humans. They sleep an average of six and a half hours at night and do not take a nap.

Life October 16, 2015

DNA Analysis Sheds Light On Mystery Behind Basque People

DNA analysis of ancient skeletons sheds light on the early history of the Basque people. The findings also overturn the theory that this group of people was isolated for 10,000 years.

Life September 8, 2015

Gender Equality Existed Among Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers: New Study Sheds Light On Our Evolutionary Past

Gender equality was key in our evolution, according to a new study form the University College London. If women didn't have a say in prehistoric society, hunter-gatherer groups would have been made up of a lot of related guys with a few wives on the fringes.

Animals May 18, 2015

Gender Equality In Prehistoric Societies? That Could Have Been The Case For Hunter-Gatherers, Study Concludes

Men and women appear to exert equal influence in making important decisions among modern hunter-gatherer societies. What could this tell us about ancient human development?

Society May 15, 2015

How Farming Weakened Human Bones

When humanity settled down to farm rather than hunt and gather, we paid a price -- our bones got weaker. The settled lifestyle saw our skeleton become more fragile, researchers say.

December 23, 2014

You Might be Doing Paleo Diet Wrong. Were Cavemen Really Concerned About What they Eat?

Experts suggest that our Paleolithic ancestors were least concerned about healthy diet. The modern day paleo diet, which is believed to keep us fit, may just be a mimic.

Life December 18, 2014

Where do Europeans come from? DNA links them to three ancient groups

Researchers have previously linked European DNA ancestry back to two groups of ancient people. A new study found that a third group of northern Eurasians also can be linked to modern-day Europeans.

Internet Culture September 18, 2014

Genetic study reveals how farmers took over hunters during the Stone Age

Scientists have finally figured out how farmers overtook their hunter-gatherer brethren in the early days of humanity. New research indicates how early humans transitioned to an agricultural society.

April 25, 2014

Neolithic hunter-gatherers, farmers in Europe co-existed for 2,000 years

A new research indicates that Neolithic hunter-gatherers and farmers co-existed for over 2,000 years.

Society October 12, 2013

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