Ring Video Doorbell Price Cut Makes It A Lot Cheaper At Just $99


Ring is dropping the price of its Video Doorbell to just $99.99, from $179.99 on and about $132.99 on Amazon.

This is more or less Amazon's way of celebrating its $1 billion acquisition of the smart home startup, which was announced in February and completed just recently.

Now if the name doesn't ring a bell (heh), Ring is the smart home company that focuses on smart doorbells and outdoor security cameras. Some may recognize it from its appearance on the TV show Shark Tank, where it got rejected.

Ring Video Doorbell Becomes Affordable

Now that Amazon formally owns Ring, it's giving the Video Doorbell the same treatment as it did for its other acquisitions: price cuts here and there.

That said, only the standard model is getting cheaper. The Video Doorbell 2 and Video Doorbell Pro aren't getting a discount or anything like that, coming in at roughly $198.99 and $239.99 on Amazon, respectively. There's also the Video Doorbell Elite, but it'll set users back by $499.99.

As a quick refresher, the Video Doorbell records in 720p HD and boasts a motion sensor, alerting owners if there's anything suspicious around their homes. It's also notable for its easy installation. It can run on a rechargeable battery, or it can be hardwired instead.

Is The Standard Video Doorbell Good Enough?

The main difference between the first-generation model and the Video Doorbell 2 is that the latter can capture footage in 1080p HD. More than that, it also has a removable battery.

In terms of third-party integrations, all of them work nicely with Alexa, Google Assistant, Wink, and IFTTT.

Now with the price cut in place, there's little or no reason to choose anything but the Video Doorbell among the lineup.

However, if 1080p HD and a removable battery are worth spending more than a hundred bucks for a smart doorbell, then the Video Doorbell 2 is just the thing.

By the same token, if money's not an issue, there's the Video Doorbell Pro and the Video Doorbell Elite, which features a flush finish.

For those who are sold on it, the Video Doorbell is now up for grabs at $99.99 on and Amazon.

Amazon finalizing its acquisition of Ring comes fairly hot on the heels of its purchase of Blink, a smart camera and doorbell startup. These moves indicate that the company is setting itself up for a dominant position in the smart home market.

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