Latest 'Kingdom Hearts 3' Trailer Showcases Mini Games Inspired By Disney Cartoons


Fans have been waiting in anticipation for an update on Kingdom Hearts 3 and Square Enix has finally fulfilled their wishes.

During the Kingdom Hearts Union Dandelion event in Anaheim, California, the game developer just released a new trailer for the upcoming action role-playing title, giving fans a peek at the mini-games that gamers will be able to play in the upcoming video game.

The Classic Kingdom

The trailer shows Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy looking down at what appears to be some sort of gaming device and try their hands at some classic black-and-white old school Disney-themed 1980s LCD games.

The Barnyard Battle, The Karnival Kid, Giantland, and Musical Farmer are some of the over 20 mini-games that you will be able to play in the Classic Kingdom within Kingdom Hearts 3. Check out the trailer below:

Plot Details Revealed?

In the trailer, it is important to point out that Sora and his Disney friends were shown hanging out with Hayner, Olette, and Pence is what seems to be Twilight Town before they look into the gaming device.

The three characters were Roxas' friends in Kingdom Hearts 2, which released 12 years ago, and although we haven't seen or heard about them since then, they could have an important role to play in the upcoming Square Enix title.

In the upcoming game, players will take up the role of Sora as he travels with his Disney comrades across a variety of worlds themed around and populated by various Disney and Final Fantasy characters.

Game director Tetsuya Nomura has previously revealed that the story will pick up where Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance left off, which means it will follow Sora, Donald, and Goofy in their pursuit of the Seven Guardians of Light while King Mickey and Riku continue their search for the "Key to Return Hearts" to stop Xehanort's devious plan.

'Kingdom Hearts 3' Release Date

Fans have been waiting for the release of the upcoming title ever since it was announced in 2013 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. There has been no official confirmation from Square Enix about the release of the highly anticipated video game either other than a very vague and non-specific 2018 release window.

However, retail giant Target recently listed Nov. 1 as the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3 on its preorder listing and since it's a Thursday, it's safe to assume that this is just a placeholder date as games aren't usually released on a Thursday. The retailer later changed the release date to Dec. 31, indicating that the game will arrive this year.

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