Anker's smart home subset Eufy is announcing the EverCam, a security camera that stands out from the pack because of its battery life and smart features.

While it's still not available just yet, it's on Kickstarter garnering a ton of support from backers.

EverCam Rises Above The Brood

Promising 365 days of battery on a single charge, the EverCam houses a huge 13,400 mAh battery. That's at least two times longer than what some of Arlo's wireless cameras offer. It can even last up to three years in standby mode, or so the company claims.

Another one of its defining points is its AI capabilities. For starters, it'll eventually recognize faces, and it can even distinguish pets from people. There's also an infrared sensor that lets it capture footage only when there's a heat source within its line of sight. The makers claim that it reduces false alarms by up to 95 percent.

Though camera itself is truly wireless, it can't connect to Wi-Fi on its own. Instead, it communicates with a hub over a low-frequency transmission signal.

Meanwhile, the hub in question needs to be connected using an ethernet cable for internet connection. In case of a power outage, it also has a 5,000 mAh battery for backup, which is a nice touch.

Battery conservation boils down to its connection to a hub and its AI features, particularly how it reduces unnecessary recording to let it stay on standby mode most of the time.

Core Specs

The EverCam can record in 1080p, and it has a 140-degree field of view. Recorded footage will be saved to a 16 GB microSD card that comes with it, and it's accessible only when it's inserted to the base station. If that's not enough, there are larger microSD cards available and an optional cloud storage plan for $2.99 per camera. It's worth mentioning that the local storage also contributes to keeping the battery life longer.

Also, it sports the usual features that smart security devices typically offer, including but not limited to sending notifications via an accompanying app and a two-way speaker system, just like the Ring Video Doorbell.

The Bottom Line

The features of the EverCam have sold a lot of people on it. This is evidenced by its sheer number of backers and amount of pledges on Kickstarter, which is over $480,000 at the time of this writing. That's already way beyond Eufy's original $50,000 goal.

A pledge of at least $219 gets backers one camera, while $329 will get them two cameras. Shipping is expected to start in September.

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