GoPro has a new trade-up program in place, allowing customers to surrender any old digital camera in any condition and to get up to $100 off for two GoPro models.

This is not the first time the company launched such program, as it already tried the same scheme last year. While the previous program was just for 60 days, however, the new trade-up deal is here to stay.

GoPro Trade-Up: What You Get

With its new trade-up program, GoPro is shaving $50 off the GoPro Hero 6 Black and $100 off the GoPro Fusion, when a customer trades in a digital camera. The camera doesn't have to be a GoPro, but the terms and conditions state that the device needs to have an original retail value of at least $100 to be eligible.

When the company tried this scheme last year, it proved to be a hit. About 12,000 people took advantage of the program to trade up to a new GoPro camera. At the same time, last year's program only accepted old GoPro cameras, whereas this one has a wider pool of eligible devices.

If the 2017 limited-time program was so successful, a permanent one should drive even better results, and GoPro could gain more customers.

"The Trade-up program is a great way for our fans and customers to upgrade to our newest products and experience how fun and convenient GoPro has become," says Meghan Laffey, SVP of product at GoPro.

With the discounts after trade-in, interested customers can get the GoPro Hero 6 Black for $350, while the GoPro Fusion costs $600 instead of the regular price of $700.

How To Take Advantage Of The GoPro Trade-Up Program

GoPro's new trade-up program is available to anyone in the United States, but it's not available in other markets. To take advantage of this deal, interested customers should head over to the company's dedicated Trade-Up website, choose the camera they would like to purchase at the discounted trade-in price, then follow the instructions to trade in an old digital camera or GoPro.

When the company receives the trade-in camera, GoPro will process the order and ship the discounted camera. The company will recycle old cameras responsibly, using methods suitable for each type of material.

If the Hero 6 Black or the GoPro Fusion is still too expensive after the discount, customers can go for the GoPro Hero. GoPro launched a cheap camera recently to cater to more customers. Simply dubbed "Hero," this camera is the company's cheapest one yet, coming in at $199.99.

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