A study that was published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health claimed the rise in tumors in England was linked to cellphone use. The study focused on glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), which is the most common form of brain cancer, and stated that the rates have doubled between the years of 1995-2015.

However, this study has been debunked by other experts who claim that the study did not have enough proof to cooperate with this theory.

Could Cellphones Be Harmful?

The researchers that conducted the study, which was published on May 2, analyzed 79,241 brain tumors and found that the number of cases increased from 1,250 to 3,000 per year. 

The lead author of the study, Alasdair Philips, stated that the research was not just about cell phones but more-so the change in the tumors and that the use of cell phones could be the cause of it. Phillips continued that the tumor is usually located between the ear and forehead which could be affected if a person is continuously using a cellphone.  

Despite these findings, Phillips and his team were unable to test if the radio frequency waves in cellphones were strong enough to damage or affect the body tissue.

Why Others Are Skeptical

In spite of Phillips' findings and previous studies that have suggested cellphones are potentially hazardous for people to use, the Cancer Research UK dismissed Phillips' study and claimed that it is highly "unlikely" that cell phones could increase the risk of a brain tumor.

Professor Paul Pharoah, who teaches cancer epidemiology at the University of Cambridge, stated that the "quality" of the study is questionable as it was not published in a more "respectable" journal. "It is well recognized that brain cancer has been on the increase since nationwide cancer registration was implemented in 1971. The authors have presented nothing very new here," Pharoah continued.

Kevin McConway, a professor of applied statics at The Open University, shared the same sentiments as Pharaoh by stating that the study did not examine any new data concerning what is causing the drastic increase in England. 

Other experts state that there are other factors to consider when dealing with the rise of brain tumors, such as air pollution, CT scans, and air travel, which can also be sources of toxic radiation. 

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