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A New Study Claiming Cellphones Were Responsible For The Rise In Brain Tumors In England, Dismissed By Experts

A new study that was published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health claimed cell phones were responsible for the rise of brain tumors in England. This study was dismissed by experts for lack of evidence.

Public Health May 3, 2018

Male Rats Exposed To Cell Phone Radiation Develop Cancer, Says Study

In a new study, male and female rats were exposed to high cellphone radiation, the finding of which showed male rats can develop cancer. However, the study found female rats didn't get cancer.

Animals February 7, 2018

California Wants You To Stay Away From Your Cellphone Due To Health Risks

The California Department of Public Health warned people against long-term cellphone exposure and issued new guidance on how to avoid the negative health effects. Will you stay away from your mobile phone?

Public Health December 17, 2017

Here's The Gross Reason Why You Should Stop Taking Your Phone To The Bathroom

Experts have warned about the dangers of using the cellphone inside the bathroom. Here's why it is not a good idea to browse through your Facebook News Feed while sitting on the toilet.

Public Health October 9, 2017

Teen Electrocuted When Cellphone Accidentally Falls In Bathtub

A girl died after attempting to use her cellphone while charging in the bathtub. Her family is now spreading awareness about the dangers of using electrical devices near water.

Public Health July 12, 2017

Mobile Phone Use Can Lead To Brain Tumors, Italian Court Rules In Telecom Executive’s Case

An Italian court ruled telecom executive Roberto Romeo developed a brain tumor due to the prolonged use of a mobile phone as per his job requirements. The link between cellphones and brain cancer has been widely disputed in health studies.

Public Health April 21, 2017

New Rat Study Ignites Debate Over Link Between Cell Phone Use And Cancer

Do cell phones cause cancer? A new report by a federal agency finds a link between cell phone radiation and cancer in rats. However, some experts remain skeptical.

Public Health May 28, 2016

Wee-G Sensor Could Uncover Secrets Of What's Happening Underground

Using technology found in mobile phones, researchers have developed an ultra-sensitive gravimeter. How could this new device be utilized?

April 1, 2016

What Is 'Phubbing'? Here's How This Cellphone Habit Can Ruin Your Relationship

A study by researchers from Baylor University found that cellphones, particularly the act of "phubbing" or phone snubbing, could damage romantic relationships. It can ultimately lead to depression, the study warned.

Life October 3, 2015

Chinese city creates special 'phone lane' for texting pedestrians

Chongqing, China created a new sidewalk lane that instructs pedestrians where to walk and text. The lane mimics a social experiment conducted in Washington, DC to spread public safety.

Internet Culture September 15, 2014

Police admit they are hacking people's phones

Police in Tacoma Washington admit to using a Stingray, which turns a police car into a cellphone tower. This allows police to capture all the cellphone use within a half-mile.

Internet Culture September 3, 2014

Parents are to blame for distracting teen drivers

Parents’ constant calls are distracting driving teens. A new report found drivers are responding to parents more than their friends when behind the wheel.

Internet Culture August 11, 2014

Does mobile phone use impact brain development of children? Huge study launched in the UK

Study will track British schoolchildren to see if cellphone use impacts mental development and will follow them for 2 years.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech May 22, 2014

Forget silicon: Next-generation computers may boast plastic chips

Flexible plastic processor chips could replace expensive silicon in computing devices, researchers say. The result could be cheap, almost "throwaway" electronics.

FUTURE TECH April 21, 2014

High-tech gadgets no help to Mexican cartel leader as cellphone calls help lead to his arrest

Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman thought surrounding himself with a technological bubble would keep him safe. However, it instead led to his downfall.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 26, 2014

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