A report from a reliable source revealed the status of two major Samsung Galaxy S10 features and the smartphone's codename, giving a glimpse of what customers can expect from next year's version of the device.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 was just released in March, but rumors are already trickling in for the 2019 edition of the Samsung flagship smartphone. Will The Galaxy S10 fare better in the market than the Galaxy S9?

Samsung Galaxy S10 Codename: 'Beyond'

South Korean news website The Bell, which carries a glowing track record when reporting on Samsung leaks and unannounced plans, reported that the Galaxy S10 codename is "Beyond."

Samsung tends to use codenames that describe their goals for their smartphones. For example, the Galaxy S8 was given the codename "Dream" because at the time, Samsung was dreaming to surpass Apple in the smartphone market. The Galaxy S9 was then given the codename "Star" because Samsung believed that the device will be star of the industry this year, though that did not pan out in the face of competition with the iPhone X.

For the Galaxy S10, the "Beyond" codename is apparently a promise that the smartphone will offer features and capabilities that are beyond anything currently in the market.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Features: In-Display Fingerprint Scanner, 3D Face Scanning

The Samsung Galaxy S10 design will reportedly be similar to the Galaxy S9. However, as the "Beyond" phone, it may feature an in-display fingerprint scanner, as well as a 3D face scanning feature similar to what Apple offers for its Face ID system.

The report by The Bell claims that it will have the long-awaited in-display fingerprint sensor. The question, however is whether it will be the first Samsung smartphone to accommodate the feature, as they have been conflicting reports on whether or not the Galaxy Note 9 will debut the Samsung in-display fingerprint scanner.

Fans might not have to wait long for the answer though. Reports claim that the Galaxy Note 9 release date may be earlier than expected, perhaps as soon as July. This means that we may know in a couple of months if Samsung will launch its in-display fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy Note 9 or push it back to the Galaxy S10.

Meanwhile, Samsung is believed to have been looking to incorporate 3D face scanning technology to the Galaxy S10, but according to The Bell, the inclusion of the feature is uncertain. It appears that the feature, seen in the iPhone X, will not be ready by the time that the Galaxy S10 goes into production.

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