White Yale Student Reports Black Student Napping In Dorm's Common Room To Police


Racial profiling in Yale University continues as a white student reported a black student who fell asleep in her dorm's common room to the police.

Another Case Of Discrimination

It looks like news that tackle concerns about prejudice against race will not end anytime soon as illustrated by the incident. Lolade Siyonbola, the graduate student who was interrogated by the campus law enforcement officers, reportedly felt harassed by the officers' approach. She was able to record two videos of what happened and posted them on social media.

Her videos reportedly drew sympathy from a lot of people who felt that what transpired was really uncalled for. Most of the people who left comments believe the other student was racist due to her assumption.

One Thing Led To Another

Everything appears to have started at Yale University's Hall of Graduate Studies when Siyonbola, who was allegedly working on her paper, rested for a bit in a common room. The other student, a white female, reportedly entered the common room, turned on the lights, and told her that she will call the police.

She took a video of their encounter in the hallway wherein the latter insisted that she had a right to call the campus police. People on social media who saw the video praised the black student for her calm composure throughout the ordeal. She patiently waited for the authorities to arrive and answered their questions.

The second video she posted on Facebook Live shows her together with the officers as she opened her dorm to prove that she was a resident of the building. What followed was one of the campus police asked for her ID to apparently confirm her claims, which seem uncalled for because she has proof that she lives in the dorm.

After some delay due to her name being misspelled in the student database, she was cleared and was free to go.

Race-Related Incidents In News

The Yale University incident is the most recent headline about racial profiling in the United States. Lynn Cooley, the Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, sent an e-mail to all of her grad students to remind students about the importance of inclusivity.

Recent ones include a group of three black women who checked out of an Airbnb rental in California. Apparently, a neighbor, who was an elderly white woman, first thought they were burglars and called the police. They were eventually released several minutes after the police finally confirmed what happened.

Last month, two black men inside a Starbucks in Philadelphia were unjustly arrested after an employee contacted authorities. According to sources, the manager called 911 due to fact that they did not order anything. It was known later that the two were just waiting for a friend.

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