NES Classic Edition Returns On June 29: Is This Why There's No Nintendo Switch Virtual Console?


Nintendo is bringing back the NES Classic Edition on June 29, giving players another chance at buying the massively popular retro console.

Nintendo previously promised that there will be a NES Classic Edition restock this summer, and it looks like the company will keep its word. The return of the device to stores, however, may be part of the reason why Nintendo will not roll out a Nintendo Switch Virtual Console.

NES Classic Edition Returns June 29

Nintendo announced that the NES Classic Edition will return to stores on June 29. The Nintendo retro console, along with the SNES Classic Edition, will be available until the end of 2018.

The NES Classic Edition was sold out immediately when it was first released in November 2016, sparking a lucrative tug-of-war between supply and demand that pushed the NES Classic Edition resale price to over $500.

There will be no increase in the NES Classic Edition price for its return, as it will still be sold at $59.99. In fact, nothing will change compared with the first release of the retro console, including its list of 30 classic NES games and additional features such as Suspend Points and Display Modes.

The demand for the NES Classic Edition might not be as massive as the first time around, but it is expected to remain a very popular device. Nintendo retro consoles have been very good sellers, with the SNES Classic Edition even outselling the NES Classic Edition.

Did Nintendo Retro Consoles Spell Doom For Virtual Console?

Nintendo recently confirmed that the Nintendo Switch Virtual Console is dead, with no more plans to bring the Virtual Console brand to the hybrid console or to any other Nintendo system. The announcement comes after it was revealed that Nintendo Switch Online benefits include online access to classic NES games.

The popularity of the NES Classic Edition and SNES Classic Edition may be one of the reasons why Nintendo will not launch a Virtual Console download store for the Nintendo Switch. Instead of allowing owners of the hybrid console to purchase and play classic games, Nintendo wants customers to purchase the retro consoles instead, which is why the company is making the NES Classic Edition available again alongside the SNES Classic Edition.

The online access to classic NES games provided by a Nintendo Switch Online subscription and the availability of the NES Classic Edition and SNES Classic Edition are not the same as the Virtual Console though. Unfortunately for users who were looking forward to the store on the Nintendo Switch, this is how Nintendo decided to proceed with its retro games.

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