Google and PayPal are kicking off a much deeper partnership that would put PayPal as a primary payment method within some of Google's apps and services.

As part of this collaboration, users who input their PayPal details into their Google Play accounts will be able to pay their bills and, for other items, be able to use PayPal without logging in or leaving Google's services.

PayPal And Google Announce Deeper Integrations

The integrations, which is scheduled to go live in the latter part of this year, will affect some of Google's most significant apps: Gmail, YouTube, Google Store, and any services using Google Pay will all feature payments, but not just that — peer-to-peer money transfers will also be an option.

As TechCrunch notes, this isn't the first time for both companies to work together. Since 2014, Google Play users have been able to purchase apps and games thru their PayPal accounts. But this new relationship goes deeper than that plain integration — it means Google users likely won't have to leave Google's apps and services just to be able to pay for stuff using their PayPal accounts. It makes payments easier, more frictionless, and intuitive.

"PayPal and Google Pay share common goals of creating simple payment solutions across our platforms that enable people to shop more seamlessly," PayPal said in a statement. "We look forward to continued collaboration that helps increase conversion for merchants and gives users the flexibility, security and speed that digital payments can offer."

The State Of Online Payments

When it comes to online shopping, especially with regard to payments, the challenge is no longer pushing people to get accustomed to digital payment platforms. Instead, because there are now arguably too many payment platforms, PayPal's goal is to make sure its company is the first choice users have in mind, and also to make the payment experience as smooth as possible.

Thus, it makes a lot of sense for Google and PayPal to offer this new integrated solution. This way, users will find very little hassle when they're paying bills, shopping online, buying an app, and even sending money to a friend.

"We are always looking for ways to improve the experience and to make payments even more seamless and secure for our customers wherever they want to pay," said PayPal COO and executive VP Bill Ready.

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