Doctor Who Sang And Danced During Surgeries Gets License Suspended


A doctor who wanted to be known as the “dancing doctor” gets her license revoked after several of her patients filed malpractice complaints as a result of botched procedures.

According to Georgia’s composite medical board, she is considered a “threat to public health.”

Dancing Doctor

Dr. Windell Davis-Boutte is a dermatologist and surgeon who, according to her website, is a doctor to the stars.

Apart from that, a patient also said that the doctor also wished to be known as the “dancing doctor” as she has posted several videos of herself singing, rapping, and dancing while performing surgery on her clients. In one video from 2017, she even jiggles her sedated patient’s skin to the beat of her song.

Such unusual antics, however, has landed Davis-Boutte in hot water before as several of her patients have sued her for botched procedures.

In fact, over a hundred patients have come forward to complain about Davis-Boutte, several of whom have taken legal actions against the doctor for unsatisfactory procedure results such as in the case of former patient Latoyah Rideau, whose botched procedure resulted in lopsided buttocks and continual itching.

Perhaps one of the more unfortunate cases is that of a woman who got several minor procedures in 2016, but ended up getting permanent brain damage after her heart stopped during the procedure, but Davis-Boutte’s clinic had to call paramedics as they were ill equipped for such an emergency.

She even had to be brought into the ambulance via the stairs, as the medical facility had no elevator large enough to fit a stretcher. Though the patient survived the ordeal, the lack of oxygen caused her to suffer from permanent brain damage.

‘Threat To Public Health’

As a result of the multiple complaints against Davis-Boutte, the Georgia Composite Medical Board ruled to suspend her license due to her failure to conform to the minimal standards of acceptable medical practice. Further, she was also described to have a pattern of conduct that has resulted in unsatisfactory treatment of several of her patients.

In the complaints against Davis-Boutte, several of her self-posted surgery videos served as evidence to show that her practice was a threat to public health, safety, and welfare.

Though neither Davis-Boutte nor her publicist gave any official statement on the matter, in an interview, Davis-Boutte insisted that she would not go back and do anything differently as the unfortunate events were unforeseen and unpreventable. She further states that she did nothing wrong, and that as a surgeon, she should be able to multitask.

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