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Michigan Doctor Yasser Awaad Faces Trial Over Wrong Epilepsy Diagnosis

A Michigan woman has accused former Oakwood Healthcare physician Dr. Yasser Awaad of misdiagnosing her epilepsy. Awaad allegedly misread her test results to convince her to undergo more testing and medication to make more money for his employer.

Public Health June 3, 2019

27-Year-Old Chelsie Thomas Left Infertile After Surgeon Mistakenly Removed Healthy Fallopian Tube

Chelsie Thomas had suffered an ectopic pregnancy, forcing her to undergo surgery to address the condition. However, her doctor had accidentally removed the wrong fallopian tube, which left her unable to conceive a child again without IVF treatment.

Public Health June 1, 2019

DNA Tests Show Fertility Doctor Jan Karbaat Used Own Sperm To Father 49 Children

Jan Karbaat had impregnated several of his fertility clients using his sperm. His repeated violation of patients over the years resulted in 49 children.

April 15, 2019

Surgeons Circumcised Man By Mistake Because Of Medical Notes Mix-Up

A man in UK who was supposed to receive a cystoscopy was accidentally circumcised by doctors instead. The National Health Service said the patient's medical notes were mixed with those of another person before surgery.

Medicine March 27, 2019

Physician Burnout: Doctors In Smaller Practices Less Likely To Commit Medical Errors

Physicians who practice in small, independent practices have better psychological well-being and are less likely to commit medical errors. Experts said that unsafe work settings and burnout go hand-in-hand in the risk of medical errors.

Public Health July 11, 2018

Man Wins Lawsuit For $18.4 Million Where Doctors Failed To Test Him For HIV

A man who contracted HIV and then AIDS, as a result, won an $18.4 million lawsuit. Doctors canceled an HIV test that would've showed he had the disease.

Medicine June 21, 2018

Doctor Who Sang And Danced During Surgeries Gets License Suspended

A Georgia doctor's medical license has been suspended for her being a 'threat to public health, safety, and welfare.' Evidently, she sings and dances while doing surgery, an act that has resulted in several botched procedures.

Public Health June 9, 2018

Woman Dies After Doctor Removed Her Ovaries During Surgery Without Consent

When asked why he removed the woman’s ovaries, Anthony Dixon said they were getting in the way. The doctor, renowned for treating patients with bowel problems using vaginal mesh implants, is now under investigation by the NHS.

Public Health May 30, 2018

Woman Suffers Brain Damage From Cosmetic Surgery: Doctor Charged With Medical Malpractice, Again

A woman suffered permanent brain damage from a cosmetic surgery procedure that was performed in Georgia. The doctor behind the operation was charged with medical malpractice, but it appears that this is not her first case.

Medicine May 22, 2018

Woman Embalmed Alive When She Was Given Formaldehyde Instead Of Saline Drip

A Russian woman died after she was given formaldehyde instead of saline during an operation. The woman went in a for a routine surgery and lost her life because of the mistake.

Medicine April 10, 2018

Denver Hospital Sterilization Malpractice Places Surgical Patients At Risk Of HIV, Hepatitis B, And Hepatitis C

A 'sterilization breach' in a Denver hospital has placed an unknown number of surgical patients at risk of HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C infection. There was apparently 'a gap in the pre-cleaning process' that lasted for nearly two years.

Public Health April 5, 2018

Broken Epidural Needle Found Stuck In Woman's Spine After 14 Years

A mother suffering from back pain for 14 years discovered that a broken epidural needle had been stuck in her spine all that time. She is now planning to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital.

Medicine March 29, 2018

Doctors Defend Kenyan Surgeon Who Performed Brain Surgery On Wrong Patient

Four medical staff at a hospital in Nairobi are suspended after a patient who needed non-invasive treatment ended up with brain surgery. Doctors defend the neurosurgeon who performed the operation, arguing that he's not to blame for the mix-up.

Medicine March 3, 2018

Doctor Accused Of Reusing One-Use Anal Catheters On Multiple Patients

A doctor is temporarily suspended after allegedly reusing one-use anal catheters on several patients. His office performed 82 procedures over a period of 11 months but only used five catheters over that period.

Public Health December 30, 2017

Hundreds Of Medical Professionals Charged With Health Care-Related Scams

The federal government has concluded its largest takedown operation on health-related scams with hundreds of fraud charges. Doctors were accused of prescribing unnecessary opioids to patients and addicts.

Public Health July 15, 2017

Man Wins $870,000 In Malpractice Lawsuit After Doctor Removes Wrong Testicle

A man from Pennsylvania is awarded a total of $870,000 after his doctor removed the wrong testicle. The rare case of medical malpractice in the community shows the importance of competent care even in smaller counties.

Medicine June 16, 2017

9-Year-Old Girl Dies After Getting Her Tonsils Removed In Routine Surgery

A girl in Detroit died just a few hours after having tonsillectomy, a common childhood procedure for sleep-disordered breathing and tonsillitis. The medical report suggests of possible reasons behind the child's untimely death.

Medicine January 6, 2017

Woman Sues Yale Medical Center After Surgeons Removed Wrong Body Part

A woman sued the Yale-New Haven Hospital for an alleged medical malpractice. Yale surgeons removed the wrong body part and tried to cover up the mistake.

Life March 25, 2016

Hip Replacement Patients Suffered From Crippling Pain Because Of Wrong Size Implants

DePuy Synthes admitted a manufacturing error that left thousands of people with crippling pain and inflammation due to having the wrong size of hip implants. Parts of the company's Pinnacle design were measured while hot, making the size slightly off when in room temperature.

Life January 26, 2016

Nurse Who Reused Flu Shot Syringes Committed Other Blunders: CDC

TotalWellness and Mary Roback both committed errors. Apart from reusing syringes to administer 67 flu vaccines to Otsuka Pharmaceutical employees, the vaccines were not properly stored, transported and handled.

Life December 21, 2015

Doctors Face Lower Number Of Malpractice Lawsuits When They Order More Tests

A new study found that doctors who have higher than average charges on diagnosing and treating patients are less likely to face malpractice suits. Whether this means that defensive medicine makes practice safer for doctors, however, is yet to be proven, researchers remind.

Life November 6, 2015

Nurse Giving Workplace Flu Shots Used Same Syringe On 67 People

Sixty-seven employees of a pharmaceutical company in New Jersey are facing a health scare. The company discovered that the nurse who administered the flu vaccine did not change the syringes in between shots.

Life October 9, 2015

Court Sentences Michigan Cancer Doctor 45 Years In Prison For Giving Cancer Treatments To Patients Without Cancer

Justice was served for the victims of a Cancer doctor, who was sentenced to spend 45 years in jail after prescribing anti-cancer treatment even when unnecessary. Some patients died and some are faced with the lifelong consequences of the disabling therapies.

Life July 12, 2015

Widow Cries Foul: Dr. Oz's Reality TV Show Used Clip of Husband's Death Without Permission

One family's courtroom battle highlights the legal and ethical implications of medical reality TV shows piggybacking on the popularity of their fictional counterparts.

Life January 3, 2015

Doctor of Joan Rivers pauses mid-surgery to take a selfie: Report

Staff at Manhattan's Yorkville Endoscopy clinic have told investigators that Joan Rivers' personal ENT doctor, an unidentified female medical practitioner, allegedly took a selfie in the operating room as River's was unconscious, undergoing what was supposed to be a scheduled endoscopy.

Internet Culture September 17, 2014

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