Ubisoft's New ‘Just Dance’ Game Is Coming… To Nintendo Wii


The Nintendo Wii is far from dead, as it turns out. Sure, most developers have probably moved on to making games for the Switch, the company's latest and greatest hybrid machine, but that doesn't mean the Wii shouldn't get some love just because it's way past its prime.

As such, Ubisoft is releasing its latest Just Dance game for the Wii. The Wii U, also thought to be dead, is also getting a port. Just Dance 2019 is also coming to the Xbox 360 Kinect, another supposedly dead platform.

If this proves anything, it's that the tail end of the casual gaming audience can be very long, as Kotaku notes. The Wii was a revolutionary console because it redefined what gaming could be. Not only did it introduce sophisticated motion-based controls, it also sought to turn each member of the family into gamers, no matter their age or skill. It was one of Nintendo's most successful console to date, selling over 100 million units worldwide since it launched in 2006.

A lot of those owners probably still purchase a copy of the latest Just Dance game every year, which seemingly delivers profits sufficient enough for Ubisoft to keep making them.

Just Dance 2019: All The Platforms

Just Dance 2019 is also coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch. A Wii release isn't really that much of a surprise, though, as last year's iteration, Just Dance 2018, was also ported over to the ancient console. What's more, Ubisoft isn't even the only company still making games for it — European franchise Let's Sing put its 2018 installment on the Wii, too, but none of those games have ever been released in the United States.

Another proof the Wii isn't completely dead yet is the fact that the Wii Shop Channel is still up and running. Not for long, though, as Nintendo will be winding it down sometime next year.

Just Dance 2019 Release Date

Just Dance comes out Oct. 23 on all the major platforms, plus the older ones mentioned above. Curiously, the game isn't coming to the PS3, even though the last title did. Ubisoft has yet to explain the reasoning behind this.

The question is whether this will be the final Just Dance game for the Wii, or if the inevitable Just Dance 2020 will also make its way to the console.

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