A woman was shocked to discover that her doctor has given her breast implants without her consent. Donna Finegan-White, 44, had undergone a double mastectomy and has woken up to find that she had permanent implants.

Mastectomy Gone Wrong

The mother of two went to The Great Western Hospital for her surgery after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 50 and her aunt as well. While her mother has beaten the illness, her aunt died from it.

Donna opted to get the mastectomy to reduce the risk of obtaining the illness. The 44-year-old asked for "temporary expanders" which stretches the skin and pectoral muscle, following her surgery. When Donna's surgery was completed on Oct. 14, 2004, she awoke from the anesthetic to find permanent sub-pectoral breast implants, which were much larger than her original breast, states her spokesperson, Irwin Mitchell. 

Donna stated that she had expected to awaken from the surgery, "breast cancer free" but was shocked and frustrated to find the implants that she has never agreed to. She continued that she never signed for the implants while in consultation with her doctor. 

After her surgery, Donna sought treatment due to the pain and swelling she had felt from the implants and for psychological reasons. On Feb. 26, 2016, Donna underwent another surgery to remove the implants. However, things took a turn for the worse.

Another Health Setback

The Swindon native had to receive another operation after developing a blood clot that came after she removed the implants. The blood clot could have her killed. Donna is now seeking legal action against the hospital that gave her the implants.

Donna shares that she has suffered pain and trauma from the incident and has her lawyers investigating the treatment she received at Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Donna continued that she hopes her story brings awareness to hospitals and reminds them of the importance of honoring patient consent. 

A spokeswoman for the trust is denying Donna's accusations and alleges Donna was aware of the implants that she was going to receive. According to the spokeswoman, the case was settled in 2016 outside of court.

"We have clear and effective consent processes that are followed across the Trust, which outline the risks that patients may face during and after any surgery, including the common risk of blood clots. Based on this case we are further strengthening our consent processes," the spokeswoman stated.

Donna is a mother to a son and a daughter. 

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