Bad Weekend For Lamborghini Owners: Huracan Spyder Crashes, Huracan Perfomante Burns


It was not a good weekend for a pair of Lamborghini owners, as two separate incidents saw a Huracan Spyder wedge underneath a parked vehicle and a Huracan Performante burnt to a crisp in a gas station.

Car accidents are never good news, but making matters worse were the price tags of these luxury sports cars. Fortunately, it appears that no people were harmed in the two incidents.

Lamborghini Huracan Spyder Wedges Underneath Honda Civic

The first of the two Lamborghini accidents happened in Chicago on Friday evening, July 6, when a couple was on their way to a dinner date in a Huracan Spyder.

According to the driver of the Lamborghini, they were hit by another car at the back. However, instead of stepping on the brakes, the driver accidentally hit the accelerator, causing the Huracan Spyder to wedge itself underneath a parked Honda Civic.

The shape of the front of the Huracan Spyder may have done the couple a favor, as instead of the sports car absorbing the full force of the impact, the shock may have been lessened. It is also a sight to see the full weight of the Honda Civic sitting on the apparently very sturdy windshield of the Huracan Spyder.

Nobody was hurt in the incident, including the couple who exited the vehicle quickly due to gasoline leaking.

Lamborghini Huracan Performante Burns In Gas Station

The second unfortunate Lamborghini incident occurred in St. Louis, involving a Huracan Performante that participated in the GoldRush Rally that started in Boston on June 22 and ended in Las Vegas on July 1.

Two Lamborghini drivers were heading home in the evening of July 7 when one of them, who owned a deep blue Huracan Performante, suffered a massive loss at a gas station.

According to reports, another vehicle was fueling next to the Lamborghini, when it drove away with the pump still in its fuel tank. The pump broke and sprayed fuel everywhere, with the gas catching fire from the hot exhaust of the Huracan Performante.

The blaze was extinguished quickly by the local fire department, and there were no people harmed. The Huracan Performante, however, was completely destroyed, along with the fuel pump next to it.

There were varying reports on whether the Lamborghini driver was smoking, the Huracan Performante was running, or that there was a spark. One of the bystanders also claimed to have heard the Lamborghini owner say to the driver of the car that caused the fire that he owes him $400,000.

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