To get players ready for its upcoming fall expansion, Bungie introduces the Moments of Triumph challenges for Destiny 2 along with its rewards.

Getting Everything Done

The in-game targets are a subtle way for the game developer to hopefully entice people to revisit the team-based shooter before its subsequent update. In fact, veteran players of the title will immediately recognize the move as a way to remind Guardians to take care of everything before it all shifts over to the upcoming Forsaken DLC expansion.

Most of the critics and gamers alike agree that the studio handled its Year 1 DLC content poorly. The Curse of Osiris was considered to be too short and did not properly execute its vision of the Infinite Forest, while Warmind made some improvements but still ultimately failed to bring back fans who long abandoned the game.

Now, Moments of Triumph challenges appear to be a last-ditch effort for Destiny 2 to reward its community and encourage completion.

Must Own Them All

Bungie hopes to appeal to Destiny 2 players who want to get the most out of all the content available in Year 1. According to the details posted on the official webpage, the Solstice of Heroes limited-time event officially launches on July 31 and ends on Aug. 28, 2018. The developers plan to reveal the complete list of challenges, as well as its respective rewards when it kicks off a few weeks from now.

Meanwhile, Guardians are already encouraged to start as early as now with some of the targets listed by the game studio. A disclaimer on the official help page notes that for users to access all of the challenges, they must own a copy of the base game along with the two DLC expansions. Otherwise, some of the activities and rewards will be unavailable.

Ahead of its launch, the website confirms that points earned can be redeemed for various in-game and real-world reward items. Those listed include The Right Choice Ghost shell for 125 points, the Comrades in Arms sparrow for 300 points, and the Eternally Triumphant Emblem for 400 points.

On the other hand, 250 points unlock a chance to purchase a special T-shirt for $25, which players can customize with their tag for an additional $5.

Destiny 2 players can expect to know more about the additional rewards and mechanics on July 17. Bungie teases that it will reveal more items to hype up fans for the Solstice of Heroes event and its Moments of Triumph challenges.

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