Buyer, Beware: This $100 Fake iPhone X Is A Security Nightmare


Fake iPhone X units in the market that cost only $100 may look like the real thing, but buyers should stay away from them as they are a security nightmare waiting to happen.

A recent study by the National Bureau of Economic Research revealed that owning an iPhone or iPad is the best way to tell if someone is rich. Some customers may consider buying a counterfeit iPhone X to improve their perceived social status, but they should do themselves a favor and stay away from any iPhone X knock off.

iPhone X Android Clone Is Filled With Malware

A Motherboard report investigated a fake iPhone X that one of its writers purchased in China for $100.

The counterfeit iPhone X actually looked like a genuine one, and it was capable of performing most of the smartphone's functions. The operating system of the fake iPhone X even resembled Apple's iOS, with similar logos and apps.

When using the iPhone X, users will immediately notice the difference. The device feels sluggish, and its camera takes blurry pictures. Upon closer inspection, Motherboard discovered that the iPhone X was running on Android, reskinned to look like the iOS.

The investigation took a turn for the worse when the fake iPhone X was sent to Trail of Bits, a security research and consulting firm. They confirmed that the counterfeit iPhone X is running on a version of Android with code that was pieced together from various sources. They then mentioned that the device was filled with malware and backdoors.

"If it isn't outright malicious its overall security is pretty much non-existent," said Trail of Bits researcher Chris Evans.

The apps of the fake iPhone X have almost non-existent security features, with several requesting for invasive permissions. One alarming discovery was that the fake iPhone X recorded the user's iCloud username and password in an easily accessible database, compromising the account.

The $100 iPhone X may trick some people into thinking that it is real, but nobody should sacrifice their security in the name of looking cool.

Cheaper iPhone X Variant On The Way

Apple is expected to launch a less expensive iPhone X variant as one of the three 2018 iPhone models. The 6.1-inch LCD iPhone, which will come with color options of gray, white, orange, blue, and red, is Apple's response to the demand of its customers for cheaper iPhones.

There is no clear information yet on the price tag of the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone. It will surely be higher than $100, but at least it will come with the security features that the iOS is known for.

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