Next iPad Pro To Get Face ID, But Lose Headphone Jack


New details about the next iPad Pro have now surfaced, thanks to Japanese blog Macotakara. Just note that it has a so-so track record when it comes to Apple-related leaks and rumors.

The report says Apple might shrink down its iPad Pro models but they'll still have the same screen sizes thanks to slimmer bezels. The 10.5-inch variant could be just 247.5mm high, 178.7mm wide, and 6mm thick, which are slightly smaller dimensions than the current model. The 12.9-inch variant, meanwhile, might just be 280mm high, 215mm wide, and 6.4mm thick — considerably smaller dimensions than the present iteration.

iPad Pro To Get Face ID

Macotakara also suggests that the iPad Pro will get Face ID features, something that's been rumored since last year, and which was seemingly confirmed in a recent iOS 12 beta. There's one caveat, though: Macotakara notes that Face ID won't work when used in landscape mode, and as a result, Apple might relocate the connector for the smart keyboard next to the Lightning port, meaning the tablet might be designed for vertical use since Face ID wouldn't work otherwise. That's a pretty bold claim since the iPad Pro isn't exactly the lightest iPad model there is, and tethering it vertically to a keyboard doesn't seem all that ergonomic. That being said, Apple has been putting out baffling design changes lately, so this wouldn't be a surprise if true.

No More Headphone Jack

Another thing that wouldn't be a surprise is the removal of the headphone jack. That's right — the next batch of iPad Pros will not have a headphone jack on them, and get this: Apple won't include a free Lightning to 3.5 mm adapter to ease the blow for fans of wired listening, unlike the current jackless iPhones, which come with the adapter as standard.

Again, Macotakara has somewhat of a sketchy track record when it comes to Apple-related news, but it does sometimes have solid scoops from supply chain sources, as 9to5Mac notes. Regardless, everything mentioned above should be taken with a grain of salt.

Apple is expected to hold another event this September, which is when it usually launches product updates to its phones and tablets. Expect more leaks as that month draws nearer.

Thoughts about iPad Pro having Face ID, but only in portrait mode? What about the removal of the headphone jack? As always, if you have anything to share, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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