NES Classic Edition Outsold PlayStation 4 And Xbox One In June: Report


The best-selling console in June? It's not the PlayStation 4 nor the Xbox One and the Switch. It's actually the $60 NES Classic Edition, a miniature re-release of the original Nintendo Entertainment System from the '80s.

That's according to the NPD Group, which has officially released its video game sales results for the aforementioned month in the United States. The NES Classic Edition, following overwhelming shortages last year, was brought back recently on June 29, and it's clear people are still clamoring for this wee gaming machine.

NES Classic Edition Beats PlayStation 4, Xbox One

While the NES Classic Edition sold the most units of any console, the PS4 is actually the best-selling device in terms of dollar sales, according to NPD. That makes sense, of course, since Nintendo's throwback console is significantly more inexpensive, but that doesn't take away from how impressive an achievement this is for Nintendo, especially considering restocks launched only at the very end of June.

Fun fact: this is the first time since NPD's tracking began in 1995 that a NES console took the top-spot in terms of unit sales. Not too shabby, Nintendo. Now that it knows people are still salivating for its mini throwbacks, hopefully, it decides to release the Nintendo 64 Classic next.

While the Xbox One didn't claim the top spot, it still did pretty well in June, with Microsoft doubling its sales on a year-over-year basis. PS4 sales, meanwhile, also grew overall, but most of the good news from NPD's June report is about Nintendo: aside from topping the console charts, it also saw Switch sales jump by over 50 percent.

The video game industry seems to be faring well overall, which is surprising because June is typically a slow month for console and software sales. Hardware spending rose by 52 percent to $350 million, with all the major home consoles experiencing growth. The NPD Group says this uptick was driven largely by the extremely popular title Fortnite, plus cuts and bundles, and the relaunch of the NES Classic Edition.

Best-Selling Games In June 2018

There's even more good news for Nintendo in terms of software: Mario Tennis Aces landed the top spot in the list of best-selling games for June, which is kind of a surprise considering the lukewarm reviews it has received. God of War, a PS4 exclusive, landed the second spot. Most notably, the third spot belongs to Grand Theft Auto V, which still shockingly pops up in the charts despite having been released five years ago. Talk about longevity.

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