Apple Is Reportedly Making Dual-SIM iPhone Models, According To Dug-Up Code In iOS 12 Beta


For the first time in iPhone history, Apple might release a model that has dual-SIM support, as per references found in the just-released beta version of iOS 12.

Rumors of a dual-SIM iPhone first surfaced earlier this year. A new iPhone X Plus phone with a 6.5-inch OLED display will apparently include support for two SIM cards, in some regions at least.

Dual-SIM iPhone Found Within iOS 12 Code

Code found within the iOS 12 beta, according to 9to5Mac, contains references to a second physical SIM tray, meaning an iPhone with dual-SIM support might not be restricted to a single SIM tray or eSIM support.

While every rumor and speculation must be taken with a grain salt, this is not the first time an early version of Apple's software has revealed unannounced features. Last year, when Apple released the HomePod firmware to developers, with it came images that practically unveiled the iPhone X design.

Beta builds of iOS 11 also contained multiple references to Face ID, Animoji, and even the AirPods way before Apple announced them.

With those previous instances in mind, dual-SIM iPhone models are practically a shoo-in, but it is important not to get one's hopes up just in case Apple decides to trash the idea in the last minute.

After all, Apple is also notorious for changing, if not completely removing features just before products are about to get released. Just this past June, it was reported that Apple thought of excluding a Lightning port on the iPhone X to make it a truly wireless device. Such ambitions were not pushed through allegedly because the AirPower, Apple's charging pad, was still facing technical difficulties at the time.

Apple September Event

Apple is poised to reveal new iPhone models at its annual September event, which is typically focused on introducing new hardware. Majority of the rumors suggest Apple is going to release three new iPhone models: two premium variants with OLED panels, and an entry-level iPhone with an LCD display.

The LCD model will reportedly be offered in a bunch of entirely new colors, including orange, blue, red, and yellow.

Other details, such as RAM and processor upgrades, are still thin at the moment, but make sure to check back with Tech Times as we learn more.

Thoughts about future iPhones getting dual-SIM support? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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