Google is going to launch a revamped Chromecast that features stronger Wi-Fi and expanded Bluetooth capabilities, as per a recently spotted FCC filing.

The addition of Bluetooth support was somewhat expected. Back in May, a similar listing revealed that Google was working on an updated Chromecast with Bluetooth connectivity that would be similar to the current second-generation model. An amended regulatory filing published Aug. 17 now details Wi-Fi improvements.

Chromecast With Full Bluetooth Support?

The current Chromecast device does have a Bluetooth chip in it, which is used during the setup process, but future Chromecast upgrades could offer full support for the wireless standard and even open up Chromecast to more flexible pairing with other devices, as Engadget speculates.

Documents and reports pertaining to the said Chromecast were published shortly after losing their confidentiality status, but they were originally filed back in June. A notable document is a "change letter" that requests a "Class II permissive change for FCC ID A4RNC2-6A5B, originally granted on May 4, 2018."

That refers to a change in the 5 GHz Wi-Fi antenna that aims to increase maximum antenna gain to deliver better Wi-Fi performance.

Chromecast Design

As for the design, the upcoming Chromecast will likely retain the aesthetics of its predecessor, and one diagram included in the filing gives credence to this, illustrating a circular dongle with a protruding HDMI port.

The design isn't that important, anyway, as a Chromecast hides behind the TV and is rarely ever seen again once plugged in. In any case, at least it's not bulky and won't get in the way of other devices that might also be connected to the back of TVs.

Google introduced the Chromecast in 2013 and released the second-generation model two years later. In 2016, it launched the Chromecast Ultra, practically the same device but for 4K TVs, specifically. The new model detailed in the filing will likely serve as a successor to the line of affordable streaming devices, one with expanded Bluetooth capabilities so as to potentially sit well with third-party devices.

At this point everything is based on speculation, and there's always the chance Google changes something or doesn't go through with its plans, although an FCC filing is usually a firm indication that a product is almost ready for rollout.

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