A California resident has filed a lawsuit against search engine company Google for violating the state's privacy laws.

The lawsuit against Google came after the Associated Press had reported that the search engine company still stores location data on many Google services on Android devices and iPhones even if the user turns off the Location History.

Google Violates Federal Law

Napoleon Patacsil, who hails from San Diego, has filed a lawsuit against Google for violating California's Invasion of Privacy Act and the state's constitutional right to privacy for recording Location History despite that it is turned off.

Patacsil's lawsuit has a class-action status, meaning any Android or iPhone user who felt that their privacy has been violated could join the case. It includes both an "Android Class" and "iPhone Class" where millions of people are involved. The judge who will handle the case could need months or years to determine if the charges could lead to a class suit.

After the AP story came out, Google had updated the Location History support page on its website. The present support page indicates that the current setting does not affect other location services on the device, such as Google Location Services and Find My Device.

Also, Google indicated that some location data may be saved as part of the user's activity on other services, such as Search and Maps. Previously, Google's Location History support claimed that with Location History off, the places people go to are no longer stored.

Patacsil's lawsuit against Google was filed before the US District Court in the Northern District of California. He claimed that the search engine firm has violated three counts of California's privacy laws. He first mentioned section 637.7 of the penal code that outlaws the use of an electronic tracking device to determine the location or movement of a person.

Patacsil also claimed that Google violated his reasonable expectation of privacy, claiming that the search engine firm engaged in the true tracking of location history deceptively despite his desire to turn Location History off. In his third charge against Google, he accused the search engine company of violating his solitude, seclusion, the right of privacy or private affairs by intentionally tracking their location.

Google Causes Harm To Users

The lawsuit claimed Google caused harm to its users by disclosing disclosed sensitive and confidential location information, which is considered a breach of social norms. Patacsil also claimed that the users were victims of an intrusion into their private affairs.

Aside from damages, Patacsil wants the court to issue an order requiring Google to destroy its location tracking data on him and future members of the lawsuit.

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