The highly anticipated PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds full release for the Xbox One has finally arrived, and Microsoft decided to celebrate it by releasing a limited edition greaseproof controller for the console.

The Greaseproof 1.0 controller is a marketing gimmick that may actually prove to be useful. Unfortunately, supply of the Xbox One accessory is extremely limited.

PUBG Xbox One Full Game Now Available

Massively popular battle royale shooter PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds left the Xbox One Game Preview program on schedule on Sept. 4, with an update that brings the game from early access beta to its full release.

The PUBG 1.0 update brings several important additions to the Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, including the 4 km x 4 km Sanhok map. The map, which is smaller than Erangel and Miramar to promote a faster pace, is accompanied by new weapons and vehicles for players to try out.

According to the official changelog, PUBG 1.0 also introduces a new crate system, performance tweaks, and bug fixes. War Mode and Custom Match, already available in the PC version, will be added to the Xbox One version in the near future.

Xbox One Greaseproof 1.0 Controller

To celebrate the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds full release, Microsoft unveiled a greaseproof controller for the Xbox One, aptly named Greaseproof 1.0.

The Xbox One accessory comes with a patented coating of hand-sprayed urethrane to make the controller not only resistant to grease but also to protect it from scratches and water. The urethrane that is being referred to is most likely polyurethane, which is what makes up sealants, sponges, and plastics. In addition, while it will be able to withstand drops of water, it is still not a good idea to submerge the Greaseproof 1.0 controller.

How is the Greaseproof 1.0 controller related to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds? Players who win a battle royale match will get the message "winner winner chicken dinner," so a greaseproof controller is needed in case players will eat chicken dinners in real life.

Unfortunately, when Microsoft said that the Greaseproof 1.0 controller is a limited edition, it was not kidding. Only 200 of the special Xbox One controllers have been created and shipped around the world, with the Xbox's Facebook pages for Australia and New Zealand giving away 10 of these accessories each.

Players who are not lucky enough to get the Greaseproof 1.0 controller may instead opt for the PUBG Xbox One controller, which will be released on Oct. 30. More hardcore players may want to wait for the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller 2, which is rumored to be coming soon.

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