Kiss Confirms New World Tour 'End Of The Road'


Kiss has confirmed that its upcoming "End of The Road" world tour will be its last one ever. The rock band made the announcement on Wednesday.

The glam rockers will be partaking on what would be a multiyear tour, the culmination of all that they have conquered over their long career spanning an astonishing four decades.

Support From Fans

In a statement, the band also addressed the KISS Army saying that it will say goodbye the same way that it came in: unapologetic and unstoppable.

According to the band members, their career would not have happened if not for the amazing support of their fans who filled arenas, clubs, and stadiums.

"This will be the ultimate celebration for those who've seen us and a last chance for those who haven't," the band stated.

Notably, the band already had a farewell tour almost two decades ago. It was the final tour that featured the band's original members Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss. Despite this tour, the band returned to the limelight in 2003 when it toured with Aerosmith. Since then, it has continued its career.

The band last performed with its original members intact in July 2014. Recently, Kiss played on America's Got Talent where it made the proclamation following its "Detroit Rock City" performance.

Kiss' Final Tour

"We're not going to be able to do this into our 70s - and I'm 67 now. But we'll do it for a few more years, and when we think it's time to go, we'll go," said Simmons, who co-founded the iconic band.

He added that the group will do it the right way with a huge party. Simmons said that he would like to imagine that something they would do would rock the entire planet.

However, Stanley has said in an interview with Billboard that he thinks his responsibility is to be a father and he does not want to miss out on the experience by leaving home.

Notably, tons of artists have also announced their last tours, including Paul Simon and Elton John. So far, the tickets to the gigs have done great in sales. This proves that without a doubt, having a final tour is a sure fire way to sell tickets.

Although the tour is already listed on the famous performers' website, the locations and dates have not been revealed.

So far, the music group, which started in 1973, has already released eight live albums, 20 studio albums, and 13 compilation albums.

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