Doctors Livestream Texas Woman's Surgery For Breast Cancer Awareness


A breast cancer patient’s surgery was performed live at a hospital in Texas in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The hope was to spread awareness about the disease and to inspire more people to get screened.

Live Breast Cancer Surgery

It was last December during a routine visit to her doctor that 50-year-old Sonia Johnson found out about the tumor in her breast. Despite the unfortunate diagnosis, Johnson remained positive and was determined to fight the disease, especially with the support of many other breast cancer survivors.

This month, Johnson had the surgery to remove the tumor at the Methodist Charlton Medical Center in Texas and allowed it to be shown to the public via Facebook Live. Specifically, doctors performed a lumpectomy wherein the tumor was removed while leaving as much of the healthy breast tissue as possible. This way, Johnson had the tumor removed but still kept her breasts. In contrast, mastectomies also remove breast tissue, whether partially and completely or on one or both breasts.

'I Had Cancer'

“This morning I was saying I have cancer. Now I can say I had cancer,” Johnson said at a press conference after the procedure. She also shared her hopes that by sharing her own experience, she could raise more awareness about one of the procedures available for the treatment of breast cancer.

The surgeon who performed the procedure, breast surgical oncologist Allison Dipasquale, M.D., also praised Johnson for her courageousness in allowing the surgery to be shown in public so as to encourage others to get tested.

50,000 Viewers

In total, it is said that about 50,000 people watched the live video of her successful surgery, and Johnson states that she hopes that she was able to reach out and encourage even just one of them to go and tell others to get tested.

All the while, breast surgeons and radiation oncologists were on standby to answer any questions posed by the viewers in real time. Apart from the questions about the procedure, however, many also shared their own stories of breast cancer battle and survival.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a yearly campaign to spread more awareness about breast cancer, especially when it comes to early detection and support services. Apart from this, it’s mission also includes honoring those who are on the breast cancer journey by sharing their stories all throughout the month.

To participate in the campaign, one may donate, share educational resources on social media, make a donation, volunteer to help those affected, host a fund-raiser, or share a personal story of how they or a loved one battled or is battling breast cancer.

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