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US Surgeons Find Tapeworm In Woman's Brain During Cancer Surgery

Lodged inside the brain of a woman misdiagnosed with a brain tumor was a baby tapeworm. Doctors found it during a surgery following a host of bizarre symptoms that include hallucinations and disorientation.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 10, 2019

Experimental Fish Skin Graft Saves Life Of Dog With Severe Burns

Stella, a Rottweiler that underwent skin grafting surgery to repair severe burns on her body, is recovering well, according to Michigan veterenarians. The descaled cod skin used to replaced her damaged skin facilitated the growth of new tissue.

Animals May 27, 2019

This Is How Tiger Woods Recovered From Crippling Back Injury

Tiger Woods showed that he has fully recovered from his crippling back injury with a recent Masters win. His journey was a tough road to tread, with numerous surgeries and painful setbacks along the way.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 16, 2019

FDA Keeps Secret Database Of Medical Device-Related Injuries And Malfunctions, Report Claims

More than a million injuries and malfunctions have been recorded in a hidden database accessible only to the FDA. Under the alternative summary reporting program, companies obtained exemptions from making reports of their product malfunctions public.

Public Health March 20, 2019

Woman Says Hospital Removed Both Of Her Healthy Kidneys

Did a hospital remove both of a woman's kidneys because they were cancerous? The biopsy records showed no evidence of malignancy in the removed tissue.

Medicine November 17, 2018

Doctors Livestream Texas Woman's Surgery For Breast Cancer Awareness

Doctors at a Texas hospital livestreamed a patient's breast cancer surgery for everyone to see. It was their way of honoring this year's Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Feature | Health October 26, 2018

Antibiotic Resistant Superbugs Could Put 3 Million Surgeries At Risk

The Public Health England warned in a new report about the increase of antibiotic-resistant bloodstream infection in patients after a common surgery. This could lead to more serious, life-threatening complications.

Medicine October 23, 2018

Appendicitis Treatment Apparently Does Not Need Surgery, Only Antibiotics

A new study from Finland confirmed the effectiveness of antibiotics as an alternative method of treating appendicitis. This method of treating appendicitis without surgery is continuing to gain more traction, but further studies are still needed.

Medicine September 26, 2018

Mom Of Three's Ovarian Cyst Massive At 20 Pounds, Had It Finally Removed After 5 Years

A mother's ovarian cyst grew so large it made her appear as though she was pregnant. She lived in pain for five years but doctors were finally able to remove it last week.

Medicine September 23, 2018

How A 28-Year-Old Transgender Man Received A Penis Made Out Of Forearm Skin

Elijah Stephens recently had New Jersey's first female-to-male genital reassignment surgery. Doctors removed skin and tissue from his forearm to make a penis.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 29, 2018

Baby Who Underwent Pioneering Face Surgery Survives To 1st Birthday

A baby boy who underwent a pioneering facial surgery in order to survive was able to make to its first birthday. He wouldn't have been able to survive if he would've swallowed his own saliva.

Medicine June 11, 2018

Woman Suffers Brain Damage From Cosmetic Surgery: Doctor Charged With Medical Malpractice, Again

A woman suffered permanent brain damage from a cosmetic surgery procedure that was performed in Georgia. The doctor behind the operation was charged with medical malpractice, but it appears that this is not her first case.

Medicine May 22, 2018

Fly Infestation In Los Angeles VA Hospital Causes Cancellation And Postponement Of Dozens Of Surgeries

A look into the conditions of a VA hospital in California shows that surgeries had to be canceled and postponed due to insect infestation. Some insect traps were located inside of the operating room.

Public Health May 7, 2018

Man Forced To Undergo Second Face Transplant After Drugs Interfered With First Face Transplant

French man Jerome Hamon underwent a second face transplant due to drugs that interfered with his first face transplant. He took drugs that caused his facial tissue to die.

Medicine April 18, 2018

Woman Embalmed Alive When She Was Given Formaldehyde Instead Of Saline Drip

A Russian woman died after she was given formaldehyde instead of saline during an operation. The woman went in a for a routine surgery and lost her life because of the mistake.

Medicine April 10, 2018

Denver Hospital Sterilization Malpractice Places Surgical Patients At Risk Of HIV, Hepatitis B, And Hepatitis C

A 'sterilization breach' in a Denver hospital has placed an unknown number of surgical patients at risk of HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C infection. There was apparently 'a gap in the pre-cleaning process' that lasted for nearly two years.

Public Health April 5, 2018

Transgender Surgeries On The Rise In The US, Says Study

A new study conducted by the researchers from Johns Hopkins University finds that transgender surgeries are on the rise in the United States. There are more than 1.4 million adults looking to get transgender surgery in the country.

Life & Style March 4, 2018

Doctors Defend Kenyan Surgeon Who Performed Brain Surgery On Wrong Patient

Four medical staff at a hospital in Nairobi are suspended after a patient who needed non-invasive treatment ended up with brain surgery. Doctors defend the neurosurgeon who performed the operation, arguing that he's not to blame for the mix-up.

Medicine March 3, 2018

Indian State Takes Welfare To A New Level: Will Offer Breast Implants For Poor People

A state in southern India will be helping its poorest citizens by giving away free breast implants. There will also be a range of other surgeries that will be given to the residents of the state.

Public Health February 23, 2018

A Woman's Bloated Stomach Turned Out To Be Surgical Sponges Left Inside Her For Several Years

A woman told doctors that she had been suffering from a bloated stomach for three years. The discomfort was discovered to be caused by surgical sponges that were left inside her body during a previous caesarian section operation.

Medicine February 22, 2018

Man Goes In For Surgery Ends Up With Two Hearts

Doctors had to perform an obscure procedure to save a man’s life during a heart transplant. The man now has two hearts instead of one.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 12, 2018

Successful Surgery Fails To Save Life Of Boy With Giant Tumor On Face

Emanuel Zayas, a 14-year-old boy from Cuba with a giant tumor on his face, successfully underwent surgery to remove the benign growth. However, it was not enough to save his life, as he passed away due to kidney and lung failure.

Medicine January 22, 2018

Army Veteran Sues Hospital For Leaving Scalpel Inside His Abdomen: It Was There For Over 4 Years

An army veteran started feeling abdominal pain after an operation at a Veteran Affairs Hospital in West Haven, Connecticut, in 2013. Four years later, an X-ray revealed that a surgeon left behind a scalpel inside his abdomen.

Public Health January 18, 2018

Plastic Surgeon Showed Up Drunk For Operation, Arrested For Public Intoxication

A plastic surgeon in Kentucky allegedly showed up drunk to his scheduled operation. The doctor walked away from the hospital when he was confronted over his intoxication, but was later arrested.

Medicine January 17, 2018

Surgeon Who Burned His Initials On Patients' Livers Gets $14K Fine

The British surgeon who burned his initials on two patients' livers got away with a £10,000 ($13,600) fine. The surgeon also has to perform 120 hours of unpaid work.

Public Health January 13, 2018

Woman Sues Washington Hospital For Taking Nude Photos Of Her While In Surgery

When Sheila Harosky underwent surgery, she didn’t know her surgeon would be taking photographs of her while she was naked. Now, she’s suing the hospital and people involved in the incident.

Healthy Living/Wellness December 30, 2017

Woman 'Drowning In Poo' After Botched Surgery: Here's What's Happening And How To Help

Kelly Yeoman, a 34-year-old woman from the United Kingdom, is currently 'drowning in poo' after a surgeon accidentally damaged her bowel. Medical staff have been draining the toxic waste from her body daily to prevent her from suffocating.

Medicine November 27, 2017

Engineers Develop A Surgical Glue That Seals Wounds In Just 60 Seconds

Scientists have developed a surgical glue that can seal wounds in just 60 seconds, potentially changing the course of surgeries going forward. It’s called MeTro, and it’s scheduled for human testing soon.

Medicine October 6, 2017

Cancer Pen Could Detect Tumors In Just 10 Seconds

The MasSpec Pen can detect cancerous tissues in just seconds. The device is accurate 96 percent of the time and may pave way for less invasive and more precise cancer surgery.

Medicine September 7, 2017

Slug Slime Inspires Scientists To Develop A New Type Of Surgical Glue

Researchers turn to nature in order to develop tougher and more flexible surgical glue. The new adhesive can also seal holes even in beating hearts.

Material Science July 28, 2017

Constipated Since Birth, Man Now Freed Of 28 Pounds Of Poop After Surgery

Doctors in Shanghai, China, recently operated on a man and removed 30 inches of his massively swollen colon and 28 pounds of poop. Find out more about the Hirschsprung’s disease that led to his lifelong suffering.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 15, 2017

The Force Is Strong With This One: This R2D2 Robot Makes Life Easier For Eye Surgeons

A robot called R2D2 was able to perform a successful eye surgery as part of an experimental trial involving robot-aided medical procedures. Here’s what doctors think R2D2 can pave the way for.

Robotics May 11, 2017

Baby Born With 2 Spines And 4 Legs Undergoes Successful Surgery

A surgery was performed on an infant from Ivory Coast, Africa, who was born with two spines and four legs of her underdeveloped twin. The operation has been successful and the baby girl is recovering.

Public Health March 22, 2017

World’s Heaviest Woman Loses More Than 100 Kilograms: Here's How She Did It

The world's heaviest woman lost more than 100 kilograms before she underwent bariatric surgery to remove the fats in her body. She is expected to lose another 100 kilograms more in the next 45 days.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 9, 2017

Doctors Pull Live Cockroach From Woman’s Skull After She Complains Of ‘Crawling Sensation’

In Chennai in India, doctors have successfully removed a live cockroach from a woman’s skull. The patient says she felt a weird, itchy sensation around her nose and eyes, prompting her to seek medical help.

Medicine February 7, 2017

Doctors Can Now Practice Surgical Procedures Through Augmented Reality

London-based tech company Touch Surgery offers surgeons an opportunity to train for various surgical procedures using augmented reality. AR wearable devices allow them to learn about operations in a deeply immersive training environment.

January 7, 2017

Delirium In Older Patients After Surgery Is Linked To Cognitive Decline: Study

For older patients, experiencing delirium after surgery or hospitalization may be tied to cognitive decline, a new study suggests. Researchers in Boston examined the relationship between the two.

Public Health July 18, 2016

Four Common Surgical Procedures Much Safer, Cheaper In Rural Critical Access Hospitals Than In Cities

Common surgical procedures are found to be much safer and cheaper in rural hospitals than in city counterparts, a new study has revealed. The findings confirm what rural surgeons have long suspected.

Public Health May 19, 2016

Bausch & Lomb, IBM To Release App For Doctors Who Treat Cataracts

IBM and Bausch & Lomb will work together to develop an app for doctors who perform cataract surgeries. How can this mobile technology for Apple devices help in the operating room?

Apps/Software May 8, 2016

Robot Surgeon Successfully Performs Pig Intestine Surgery By Itself: What This Means For The Future

Scientists have developed a programmable robot surgeon that can perform surgeries by itself. The autonomous robot was able to stitch a pig intestine more precisely than human surgeons.

Robotics May 5, 2016

Risk For General Anesthesia In Infants Is Same With Local Anesthesia

The risk of administering general anesthesia to babies is the same with giving local anesthesia at two years of age, a new interim study based in Melbourne revealed. Researchers said there was no difference in the effects in babies.

Medicine May 2, 2016

Ozone Gas Treatment Used To Sterilize Medical Implants Can Save Money, Time

An existing sterilization technique holds so much promise for surgeries performed with polymer medical devices. Not only can ozone gas save time, it may also save money.

Medicine May 1, 2016

Meet ‘Walk-DMC': A Motor Assessment Tool To Improve Surgical Outcomes In Children With Cerebral Palsy

What if there was a way to tell whether or not desired outcomes can be expected from surgery? That’s what researchers want for children with cerebral palsy, and prompted the development of Walk-DMC.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 29, 2016

Mobility Assessment Tool Developed To Facilitate Predicting Postoperative Risk In Older Adults

Mobility is an important indicator of overall health in older adults. Scores acquired through Wake Forest Baptist’s mobility assessment tool can help identify older patients at higher risk of adverse postoperative complications.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 26, 2016

Eyesight, Hearing Of 2-Year-Old Brazilian Girl Restored After A 'Miracle'

A 2-year-old Brazilian girl who was born deaf and blind underwent surgical procedures in Miami, Florida. After several failed surgeries in Brazil, the one in Miami turned out to be a miraculous success!

April 26, 2016

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