Rumor: Microsoft Might Soon Launch Chrome OS Competitor Called Windows 10 Lite


Microsoft is apparently developing its own take on Chrome OS, Google's main operating system for desktops and laptops that, while far less powerful than its rivals, has carved a sizable audience for how simple and straightforward it is.

It'll be called Windows Lite, or perhaps even just "Lite." The news shouldn't sound too surprising for most, especially those who've followed Microsoft's many attempts — most of them unsuccessful — to grow beyond traditional Windows. Windows RT, Windows 8, and Windows 10 S devices were supposed to be Chromebook killers, but none of them ever managed to do such a feat.

It's not clear exactly what Lite is going to look like, but it appears the OS will be similar to Windows 10 S, which could mean it's able to run only Universal Windows Platform software in addition to Progressive Web Apps.

Windows 10 Lite

The report comes from IT publication Petri, which specifically notes that Lite will indeed target Chromebooks. It's apparently a "truly a lightweight version of Windows that isn't only in the name." It's also not just a version of the OS that will run in enterprise and small business environments. Petri further notes that this OS might not be available for purchase, and perhaps Microsoft will partner with OEMs to have it baked into devices.

What Is The Point Of A Lightweight Windows?

The report claims that Microsoft killed off Windows 10 S just to pave the way for Lite. The goal, apparently, is to make a version of Windows 10 that's super lightweight, always connected, switches on instantly, and is able to run on any CPU. It might even look differently from mainline Windows 10: Microsoft is rumored to be changing the entire interface just to distinguish it from the main OS.

That just seems about right, considering that it might not even be called Windows at all. In that regard, Microsoft is creating something completely new and not just offshooting a lighter, stripped-down iteration of its mainstream system. It's a smart move since people are less likely to think of it as a less powerful version of Windows — they're going to perceive it as a new kind of system that's lightweight, straightforward, and easy to use, akin to Chrome OS.

It's not clear exactly when Microsoft plans to share details about Lite, although its forthcoming Build 2019 conference seems like a safe bet. Make sure to check back with Tech Times as we learn more.

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