Google Chromecast streaming sticks are available to purchase on Amazon once again, a year after the online retail company announced it would resume selling the devices.

Amazon originally banned Chromecast devices from its site because they didn't support Prime Video, the company's proprietary video streaming service. At the time, Amazon said Chromecast not having the app would only cause "customer confusion," thus, it pulled Chromecast devices off its site. Amazon also halted selling the Apple TV for the same exact reason.

Google Is Now Selling Chromecast Devices On Amazon

Exactly why Amazon is selling Chromecasts on its store again remains undetermined. Oddly enough, Google's streaming sticks still don't support Prime Video, which implies that Google and Amazon's cold war is far from over but not only that. The official YouTube app also remains absent from the Amazon Echo Show and the company's entire lineup of streaming sticks.

YouTube is probably one of the biggest and most functional apps any device with a screen can have, and the fact that it's missing from the Echo Show, a device focused on video content first and foremost, is a serious detriment to the otherwise excellent platform.

Why Google Pulled YouTube From Amazon Devices

Google pulled YouTube off of Amazon products last year after the company had refused to put Google products on the online retail store. Amazon then found a way to get around the ban at some point. However, Google immediately caught the workaround and applied some prompt adjustments and made sure YouTube was out of the question.

Which Versions Are Available?

Both the recently refreshed third-generation Chromecast and the older 4K-capable Chromecast Ultra are available on Amazon right now. They sell for $35 and $69, respectively, which are their standard prices on the official Google Store. Prime two-day shipping is available as an option as well.

A more lax cold war between Google and Amazon lends hope to a future where Prime Video finally supports streaming via Chromecast devices. Google might also have a last-minute change of heart and decide to allow Prime Video on its streaming sticks once for all. Perhaps the cold war is now thawing consistently which, if true, means people could soon see Google Pixel handsets for sale on Amazon.

The notion seems unlikely, of course, but it's still unarguably a good thing when folks get more options in terms of where to buy their gadgets. In any case, Chromecast finally becoming available on Amazon is a good first step.

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