Tech company Samsung just unveiled the giant of televisions, The Wall, at CES 2019. It is a result of the efforts of over 100 experts in order to bring The Wall into homes this 2019.

CES 2019

Each year, CES is the perfect platform for tech companies to showcase their products in a massive way. Think Google, whose booth is actually an 18,000-square-foot ride that seems to be inspired by Disney’s "It’s a Small World."

Samsung, however, is going really big in its own way with its unveiling of “The Wall,” a massive 219-inch TV that uses a technology called micro-LED. This technology is said to create better and brighter images because of how the screens are composed of millions of individual LEDs while using less energy.

The Wall 2019

Since it was launched in 2018, the commercial industry version of The Wall has been a part of large buildings and hotels. In an interview, the team that developed The Wall 2019 described the unique challenges they had to face just to be able to bring The Wall into the homes of their consumers.

This year, after extensive research in interior decor trends and holding several workshops to better understand their target consumers, The Wall can soon be a part of people’s homes, giving them a “bespoke viewing experience.”

According to the company, The Wall “represents a new era in display.” Apart from its next level technology as a premium television, it also has lifestyle features that will allow users to create a Feature Wall by choosing a painting, photo, framed art, or even wall material to be displayed when the screen is turned off.

“It really is a consumer-centric experience. We developed The Wall 2019 so that a single side of the room really can be replaced by a screen,” explained Product Planner Sangun Yoon in an interview.

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