Cheaper Nintendo Switch ‘Mini’ Might Be Revealed At E3


Nintendo might have a big surprise in store at its E3 presentation this June. Rumor has it that it'll unveil a cheaper version of the Nintendo Switch, within rumor circles referred to as the "Switch Mini."

It's not clear how this version is going to differ from the regular Switch model that was released in 2017 and retails for $300.

Cheaper Nintendo Switch Coming This June?

This new rumor comes from Bloomberg, but it corroborates earlier reports about Nintendo's hardware plans. Bloomberg failed to specify a price point for this cheaper version, though. The publication cited two people familiar with the matter as its source, and one of them claims the device will "likely" be launched by the end of June.

Nintendo Switch Upgrade?

In addition, the Switch will apparently also receive a "modest" upgrade this year. Oddly, Bloomberg's sources claim there isn't a more powerful variant of the Switch in the works, which contradicts earlier reports about a "Switch Pro" model allegedly due out sometime next year.

Word about Nintendo's plans for Switch hardware came to light in October when The Wall Street Journal revealed that the company was working on a variant with an updated, higher-end screen. The publication followed up that report this past March with news of a cheaper model.

E3 Is The Perfect Time For A Switch Mini Reveal

If Nintendo does intend to release a cheaper version of the Switch, the best time to do that would be during E3, the gaming world's biggest event of the year. People are already likely to tune in to Nintendo's presentation in anticipation of new details for Animal Crossing or Pokémon Sword and Shield — Nintendo could up the ante by announcing the new version right during its Direct event. This is purely guesswork, but the cheaper console could even ship with Super Mario Maker 2 as a bundle, as the game is scheduled to come out on June 28. It could be the perfect package for people who don't have the budget for a regular Switch.

The timing of a cheaper, possibly smaller Switch model would be perfect, as Sword and Shield are coming out this year — users would be more likely to buy the new Pokémon games if there was a less expensive system to play them on.

Of course, everything mentioned above should still be treated as rumors. More information will come out as E3 nears, so make sure to check back with Tech Times as we learn more. Meanwhile, if you have any thoughts, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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