Man Accidentally Swallows AirPods — After Passing Through His Digestive System, It Still Worked


Apple's AirPods may be a pain, perhaps even impossible, to fix, but as it turns out, they're incredibly robust.

A man who accidentally ingested one of his AirPods found that it still worked after passing through his digestive system, meaning Apple's wireless headset withstood a full trip through the human gastrointestinal tract — and it even had more than 41 percent battery left, at that.

Ben Hsu claimed he fell asleep with the AirPods on and woke up with one of the pair missing, the Daily Mail reports. To locate it, Hsu used the Find My AirPods feature, but instead of finding it tucked somewhere within the ruffles of his bedsheets or under his bed, he discovered it was literally inside him.

AirPods Aren't Waterproof, By The Way

It's worth noting that Apple's wireless earbuds don't have any official waterproof or dust rating, but as this man has made clear, the AirPods can come out alive after a lengthy stay inside the stomach and the rest of the entire digestive system.

After discovering that one-half of his AirPods was lodged inside him, Hsu high-tailed to the hospital and got an X-ray. Doctors told him there would be no need for surgery — the AirPod would just emerge from him naturally.

When the AirPods finally passed, Hsu washed and dried the device and was stunned to find that it was still in perfect condition. Hsu called the whole experience "magical."

"The battery was still at 41 percent! It was incredible," said Hsu.

Apple AirPods

Apple launched the AirPods in 2016 and recently rolled out an updated version this year. The headset has been widely popular among the Apple crowd, and rumor has it that there'll be a couple more models to be released soon. The current-generation AirPods model doesn't look radically different from the original, but it's got a more advanced chip for improved battery efficiency, reduced latency, and hands-free Siri voice triggers. Apple now also offers a wireless charging case for it.

Again, Apple doesn't advertise the AirPods as being waterproof, but if Hsu's survived an entire digestive system trip, maybe a little splash wouldn't hurt. In any case, a word of caution: don't sleep with the AirPods still in. Dock them in their included charging case or place them on the bedside table just before going to bed.

But the biggest question here is, how the heck do you accidentally swallow an AirPods while sleeping? Thoughts? Sound off in the comments section below!

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